Best Wood for Bed Frames

Wooden bed frames are unique and attractive, with various styles to choose from. Many different types of wood types can be used to construct a bed frame, depending on the style you want. You can get a variety of designs, colors, and finishes. A wooden bed frame is not only aesthetically appealing but also durable. If the wooden bed is cared for adequately, it can have a long lifespan.

Wooden bed frames are also efficient as they already come with slats, and the purchase of an additional foundation is not necessary. However, wooden beds can sometimes also be expensive and may require care and maintenance.

If you are willing to invest in a wooden bed frame, you will get a long-lasting, sturdy bed that is customizable and easy to assemble. However, before buying a wooden bed, it’s essential to consider what type of wood the frame is constructed from. This will determine the quality of your bed and the level of comfort it will provide. Let’s consider the best wood for the bed frame below.

Hardwoods vs Softwoods

What exactly is the difference between hardwoods and softwoods when it comes to bedframes? Hardwoods are generally known to be more complex and sturdier than softwoods. They are also more wear-resistant, last longer, and are easier to maintain.

Popular Wood Choices to Construct Bed Frames

Both hardwoods and softwoods are suitable for making bed frames. Durable hardwoods such as mahogany, maple, cherry, walnut, and oak are popular options. However, softwoods such as fir and pine are also preferred.


Mahogany has a reddish-brown hue that tends to darken over time. It has a beautiful reddish sheen when polished. Mahogany is an excellent wood to work with and has outstanding finishing properties.

It is a highly durable wood and can withstand extreme weather easily without shrinking or warping. These qualities make it one of the best wood for bed frame. However, mahogany does tend to be quite costly compared to other wood options.


Teak wood is one of the most well-known wood varieties known for its water resistance and sturdiness. Teak wood has a natural production of essential oils, making it resistant to deterioration.

Due to its long-lasting nature, teak wood is used for various purposes such as outdoor furniture, boat building, and home furniture such as bed sets. It is adequately cared for; teak wood can last you a very long time. Pests such as termites find it almost impossible to eat through this wood due to its oil content.


Oakwood is tough enough to withstand the strain of everyday usage. This hardwood is highly resistant to warping and can also be quite grainy sometimes. When choosing the best wood for a bed frame, red oak tends to be more popular.

This is due to its beautiful swirling grain pattern and pinkish-brown color. Both varieties of oak, red and white great for bed sets as they are sturdy and durable and display natural resistance to warping. They also resist pests and fungal attacks.


Even though fir is technically a softwood, it produces excellent results when used to craft home furniture such as bed sets. This is because firwood is almost as robust as hardwood.

Once fashioned into furniture, it has a sleek and refined look and is quite visually appealing. Firwood is also easily accessible and affordable. This wood variety also hands paint and stains quite well.

Maple Wood

Maple wood is also a popular option when it comes to building bed sets. It is known to be robust, sturdy, stable, and natural looking. This strong wood is usually easy to work with and sports a unique look.

It has a beautiful natural shade that does not require paints or stains. However, maple wood is also the more expensive option compared to other varieties of wood.

The 2 Best Woods for Bed Frames

1. Pack of Walnut, Cherry, and Hard Maple Boards

This pack contains 15 boards of three different wood varieties. It includes five boards of walnut, five boards of cherry, and five boards of hard maple. All panels are 3/4 x 2×24 and are 2 inches thick.

All boards are kiln-dried and sanded with no cracks, chip outs, or knots. This pack is also eligible for a refund or replacement by the brand in case the buyer is not satisfied. The total item weight is 13.12 pounds, and the package dimensions are 24.5×6.5×4.4 inches.

2. White Oak Lumber Square

This white oak lumber square is 6×1.75×1.75 inches in size and is finished on all sides. It is a hue of whitish-gray-brown and is paler than red oak. It had exciting grain patterns, more on the decorative side.

The patterns can be described as watery figures, fine lines, and stripes. This white oak can be used for multiple activities such as furniture building, cabinetry, paneling, and craft activities. It also holds on to glues and nails quite well.

This piece is also water-resistant due to teloses. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product, it can easily be replaced, refunded, and returned within 30 days of purchase.

Our Final Thoughts

All the wood varieties discussed above are excellent choices for making a bed frame. When you decide on the best wood for bed frame take various factors into consideration. First, what kind of bed do you want?

Do you want a more contemporary, perhaps low bed, or do you want a more classic carved look? Once you have decided on the style, take the cost into consideration. Also, determine if you want a more low maintenance bed frame option or are you willing to give the bedframe care and attention.

Once you have decided on all these factors, you can easily choose the right wood option for your bed set.

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