Best Wood for Mailbox Post

No picture-perfect home is complete without a cute little mailbox. You might be considering installing one or replacing your existing one. Getting a mailbox made will automatically increase the outer beauty of your home. Due to this reason, many people invest in a small but sturdy mailbox.

However, the post of the mailbox should be sturdy too. So, it provides decent support to the mailbox. If you want to ensure the post doesn’t break apart, you must use the best wood to make it. With a better wood, you will get a stronger mailbox.

Let’s explore a few wood types that significantly contribute to the mailbox post’s longevity.

Mailbox Post Types

Before we begin telling you the best wood types to make your mailbox post from, you must know the different materials you can explore. A mailbox post can be constructed from numerous materials. The one you should go for will depend on your budget and preference. For example, some people prefer wooden posts while others like metal ones. Let’s see how many types you can get.

Metal Mailbox Post

Metal is a strong material you can make a mailbox post from. The best part about using metal is that it won’t get eaten by any insects. However, you may have to put plenty of effort into maintaining your metal post as the metal might rust away quickly. Overall, metal is a suitable material as it offers strength and a range of different colors.

Wooden Mailbox Post

Another material you can invest in to make a mailbox post is wood. Wood is generally considered a strong material. It’s commonly used to make all kinds of home improvement objects. When shopping for the best wood, you’ll find several options with different features and prices. So, using wood to build a mailbox post will be a wise option.

Plastic Mailbox Post

Plastic has its own advantages. So, using it to make a mailbox post won’t go to waste. The most convenient part about using plastic is that it is highly weather-resistant and immune from decay or rot. However, a downside to using plastic is that it may not provide the strength of wood and metal. However, that doesn’t mean it still isn’t an option. People on a tighter budget can undoubtedly use plastic.

Best Wood for Mailbox Post

It would be best if you also learned which wood types will be perfect for a mailbox post since you’re all caught up with the different materials to make a suitable mailbox post. Other woods have different properties. The only thing common between all of them is they’re all beneficial. Let’s look at a few of the best woods for a mailbox post.


This wood will serve you well if you consider using it to make your mailbox’s post. Ipe is a highly dense wood type, making it difficult to float. Ipe’s density makes it an excellent choice for a wooden post since denser wood would mean more pest-resistant.

So, its density will protect it from insects and termites. However, Ipe’s high density makes it challenging to stain. While most people prefer Ipe the way it is (without staining it), it’s still nice to have some options with different colors. Using Ipe wood to make your mailbox post will be a good idea.


Another wood type you should consider making a mailbox post from is teak. Teakwood offers plenty of sturdiness, which is precisely needed to hold the mailbox together. Some say teak is pretty similar to Ipe, with the only difference being that the former is much easier to work with.

This is why mainly people who understand wood prefer going with teak to make their mailbox posts. This piece of wood is highly resistant to any weather or climate change, making it an ideal wood type for a mailbox post as it’ll be placed outside.

Black Locust

Black locust is what you’re looking for precisely if you want flexibility, sturdiness, and longevity. This wood type is specifically known for its longevity as everyone wants a piece of wood that lasts long. Black locust also happens to have excellent finishing properties, and working on this wood is more manageable.

However, the only problem is that it’s not easy to source this wood. Black locust isn’t readily available, so you’ll have to search plenty if you want to get your hands on it. If you manage to find it, you’ll have yourself a valuable and durable piece of wood.


Next on the list is cedarwood. This wood type will significantly benefit you as it’s readily available. Also, cedarwood is pretty inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money to acquire it. One of the best things about cedarwood is that it’s easy to work with.

If you find a piece of wood that doesn’t give you a hard time, you did the right thing by investing in it. Making your mailbox post from cedarwood will help you have a rot-resistant and decay-free post. Hence, we suggest you get some cedarwood to make your mailbox post.


Lastly, pinewood is one of the most accessible wood types to work with, mainly because it belongs to the softwood family. A softer wood is easier to cut and penetrate stains.

You would know if you work with wood frequently or are generally knowledgeable about wood and its traits. This wood type will serve you well due to its staining properties. You can always stain it with a different color to give it a different look. Also, pinewood is pretty sturdy and durable.

Our Final Thoughts

Mailbox posts must be strongly built if your mailbox has a decent foundation. Hence, you must invest in the correct wood since it determines your mailbox’s quality. A mailbox made with a stronger wood would last longer. So, please be careful while deciding on an appropriate wood type.

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