How Much Does a Hand Planer Cost?

Woodwork has always been my favorite part of any DIY project because I get to add my creativity to it. Hence, my toolkit has several hand planers in different sizes to help me accomplish my tasks.

Having tools in different sizes is generally beneficial because they add flexibility. However, before taking this route, you need to ensure you are within budget. So, how much does a hand planer cost?

That’s the first question I get every time I show someone my collection and recommend items. It is an understandable concern, and you are wondering the same right now. This blog will provide details about the factors that affect hand planer cost and address how they contribute.

How Much Does a Hand Planer Cost?

Hand planers have been around for centuries and are the choice tool for woodwork. Although their role has remained consistent, their design has advanced over the years, with the latest models using technology to enhance performance.

Hence, the general cost has varied through the years. The oddest part about the pricing is the wideness of the range. While you can likely find a good hand planer by spending over $40, the range is $6 – $2,300+. Isn’t it unbelievable?!

I was shocked when I first started researching too, but exploring helped explain the reason for these differences. Several factors, like features, technologically advanced design, brand, etc., influence how much a hand planer costs.

It is also interesting that several woodworkers continue to use traditional, non-technological versions for the crafting process. Hence, there is a wide variety of options, and you will get the opportunity to find the ones you are most comfortable using.

Factors That Affect a Hand Planer’s Cost

The reason hand planers have such a wide price range is that several factors affect the costing process. Addressing each would take too much time, so I have mentioned the essential ones for the tool.

1. Type of Hand Planer

As mentioned above, the current market provides both manual and electric hand planers. Electric hand planers tend to be more expensive since they incorporate advanced technology and several support features to improve efficiency.

However, there are several cases where manual versions are priced at $500 and above. These hand planers are exquisitely designed and are often preferred by experts for their traditional feel and results. The Japanese block plane is a famous example of traditional hand planers that are excellent and affordable.

2. Brand

Not all brands are equally good at producing hand planers, and the better ones charge a hefty premium. Makita is one of the best brands for power tools and is famous for its products. However, few of its offerings come close to its hand planer portfolio.

Makita makes electric hand planers famous for their advanced engineering, additional features, and intricate detailing. Its most expensive hand planer is priced at $2,329 on Amazon and is incredibly popular among professionals.

While Makita is an excellent brand for hand planers, it is not the only one. DeWalt, Bosch, and Milwaukee also have unique options that optimize performance and increase precision.

3. Size

Hand planers are a multipurpose tool. You can use them to level a wooden plank or add details to a small figurine. However, these two tasks involve working with different sizes of wood, so you will need different hand planers.

Hand planers are divided into several categories depending on their size and the level of precision they offer. The bigger sizes tend to be more expensive, but a few medium and small options are also premium-priced if they have unique features and additional optimization.

4. Motor Power (for electric)

Electric hand planers get their power from the motors driving their operations. The more powerful the motor is the higher its cost. Hence, bigger hand planers are more expensive than smaller and less powerful ones.

Remember that precision planers like chisel and finger planers do not have electric versions since they do not require much strength to operate. The purpose of electric motors is to reduce the amount of strength required to operate them.

5. Warranty

Hand planers, manual or electric, are meant to be sturdy tools that do not deteriorate quickly. Hence it makes sense to get a warranty, so you can submit a claim if anything goes wrong in a shorter period. Your only challenge will be absorbing the additional cost.

That’s right. More extended warranties are typically more expensive and increase the overall cost of the product. A few brands do offer the warranty separately, so you can always opt for them if you want to reduce the cost to some extent. However, I would not recommend this choice.

6. Flexibility and Adaptability

Older hand planers could typically only perform a specific role perfectly. Attempting to use them for a task of a different category usually affected precision. However, modern engineering has overcome this challenge. Several modern hand planers combine one or two different categories, allowing you to get more value.

They are more expensive than single planers, but they also perform two roles and occupy less storage space, so I think they are worth the extra bucks.

7. Performance Facilitating Features

The core purpose of a hand planer is to level a wooden plank or help add details and design to décor. However, the tool can have additional features to facilitate woodwork and increase convenience.

For example, one of Makita’s models has a feature that optimally disposes of the wooden waste to prevent it from getting stuck in the machine. This feature reduces the likelihood of the scraps getting stuck in between, hindering the process.

Of course, these add-on features cost extra and increase the product’s price.

8. Material and Design Quality

Lastly, raw material quality and product design also affect a hand planer’s price. The products with designs and materials optimized for efficiency are pricier than regular versions. However, they are also more comfortable to use and give better results, so it is better to buy them.

Our Final Thoughts

I hope this blog thoroughly answered the question ‘how much does a hand planer cost?’ There are a few other blogs about hand planers, so check them out or read others for more information about tools.

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