Intro to Woodworking Power Tools

Beginners in the world of woodworking take a single glance at their own budget and the cost of woodworking power tools and become worried. And the long list of power tools can even seem overwhelming. However, this does not need to be the case. You don’t need to buy all of the power tools in order to build a shop and commence any woodworking projects.

All you need are a few essential woodworking power tools to help you start off. Then, as your skills develop, you can consider investing in more tools over time. In the beginning, you just need about seven tools to get started and tackle on any kind of project. Luckily, these pieces don’t cost a fortune either.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at the most important woodworking power tools you should have readily available to you.

An Intro to Woodworking Power Tools for Beginners

If you are a newcomer to woodworking, there are some woodworking power tools you absolutely need. They include the following:

1. A Circular Saw

Many individuals might believe circular saws are a tool for carpentry, but they just so happen to be as much of a woodworking power tool. The circular saw is a versatile, handheld machine that can prove to be quite helpful for projects. The saw can help you cut sheets of plywood and other wooden goods.

This machine is lightweight, versatile, and portable. Not to mention, it is quite adjustable and pretty straightforward to use. This is why we recommend investing in a high quality saw to help you get started with woodworking.

2. A Power Drill

When you see a power drill here, you might be thinking about a cordless power drill. After all, it is quite convenient. However, we would rather recommend a corded power drill because it is much more robust and inexpensive. It can also be easily used for a variety of woodworking projects, which is often not the case with cordless power drills.

There are some factors you will need to think about when looking for a power drill. You will need to decide whether or not you want a ½ inch or any other one, or a hammer drill or straight drill, etc.

3. A Jigsaw

A circular jigsaw is perhaps one of the most common power tools used in every woodworking project, so it is on our list of essential woodworking power tools for beginners. This saw allows you to cut curved patterns and circular patterns on wood easily. Most people might consider using a bandsaw for these purposes, but we believe that a jigsaw is much more useful, affordable, and versatile.

A bandsaw has comparatively more limitations, which is why you should get a jigsaw. The more experienced you become at woodworking, the more you will likely need this tool. When shopping for a jigsaw, make sure you get the highest quality one with an orbital-action option that can easily be held in your hands.

4. The Random Orbit Sander

The random orbit sander is another common and must-have power tool for woodworking beginners. Sanding is an essential step involved in woodworking because you absolutely need a smooth finish on the wood. This is the best tool to help you achieve that.

The orbit sander spins and has special features that prevent circular scratch marks. While it might not allow you to sand corners and hard-to-reach places, it will help you sand the majority of the surface.

5. A Table Saw

After you have purchased all of the aforementioned tools and got comfortable and experienced with using these tools, it is time for another purchase. One of the most essential power tools you can get for your shop is the table saw. This will essentially be the foundation of your shop. If you ask any woodworker what the most essential woodworking tool is, they will probably tell you it is a table saw.

This major and important purchase will definitely prove to be worthwhile in the future. Hence, you need to get a table saw comprised of high quality and can easily fit into your budget. A table saw can not only cut hard and large pieces of wood, but the saw can also even be used to make any type of small cuts you want.

Do your research on table saws to see what features you might require for your future woodworking projects. Then, find one that meets these needs and would fit your budget.

6. The Miter Saw

Once you have purchased the ideal table saw, your next major purchase must be a miter saw. Although it might not be as costly as a table saw, it is still quite versatile and useful. You can cut all kinds of angles through it since it let you angle the motorhead in two different directions.

While a 10-inch miter saw is good for beginners, a 12-inch miter saw will help you in the future once you expand your skills and become better. When you are able to use a miter saw quickly, you would be likely to reach out for it more than any of your other saws.

7. A Router

The last woodworking power tool for every beginner is a router. It helps you shape any contours on your project. Most routers you will find today feature either a plunge router base or a stationary base. We recommend the latter of the two since it is more suitable for beginners.

Spend time researching the best, must-have features on a router, and then choose the most appropriate one that fits your needs and budget.

Our Final Thoughts

You don’t need that many power tools, but only the essential ones. These tools can help you finish just about any woodworking project easily. While many of these are affordable, some might be on the expensive side. However, these are certainly investment pieces that will pay off in the future.

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