Makita vs Bosch Power Tools

Makita vs Bosch power tools – which power tool brand will serve you best?

Both brands are known for making robust high-quality power tools. You can’t go wrong with any one of them. However, if some things are great, then others are even better. Since you want maximum bang for your buck, you will definitely want to go for the very best in the business out there. Hence, you may want to stack up Bosch and Makita head to head.

However, Makita vs Bosch is not an easy comparison since there are so many factors on which you can compare them like warranty, price, combo kits, and so on.

So let’s get into it and look at how the two stack up in these different departments.

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Makita vs Bosch – Product Range

Makita is renowned for manufacturing a wide array of power tools. Their cordless power tools are top class and the good news is that there is an immense variety of these products.

Makita offers different lines of tools at various voltages. Many of their tools are cordless and they sport excellent batteries.

The brand manufactures a wide assortment of power tools including drills, measuring tools, dust extractors, woodworking tools, saws, impact drivers, and so on.

They also produce a wide range of accessories like organization equipment, cutting blades, drill bits, and so on. Do note that their accessories often don’t work on other brands.

If you have a yard then you would be pleased to know that Makita makes high-quality leaf blowers, lawnmowers, weed eaters, and other tools.


Bosch makes a dizzying variety of all kinds of power tools that you can possibly imagine. They are known for making routers, metalworking tools, grinders, measuring tools, hammers, drills, impact drivers, and other cordless tools. No matter what tool comes to your mind, Bosch is probably making it.

They also produce a wide range of accessories that work seamlessly with their power tools. Blades and drill bits are obviously quite common. You can also benefit from the various attachments they make.

Makita vs Bosch – Price

There isn’t a huge difference in price between the two. That is to be expected considering how competitive the power tool market is. With so much variety on offer, you can expect brands to offer attractive rates to draw customers.

In general, tools with more features and higher specs are more expensive with both Bosch and Makita.

Makita vs Bosch – Warranty

Makita offers a 3-year warranty as compared to the Bosch one-year warranty. However, you can extend the Bosch warranty by subscribing to their one-year subscription plan.

It appears that Makita offers a better deal in terms of the warranty.

However, if you are intent on buying Bosch, you will have to know what their extended warranty entails. You can get your Bosch tools fixed only at qualified service centers. They will check up on the performance, safety, and electrical functionality for free. The extended warranty covers lubrication and part replacement that happens due to wear and tear.

Makita vs Bosch – Customer Service

To avail the warranty of any brand, you need to go through their customer service. If you have been in the business long enough you may know that customer service is not exactly the power tool industry’s forte.

Makita has customer service centers all over the world. Hence, there can be some variation between the customer service offered by different Makita customer service centers.

Makita representatives are approachable, friendly, and professional. However, they will only honor the warranty if they are fully satisfied that it was not a mistake on your part that led to the damage. In general, they resolve most issues easily.

Bosch also has friendly and approachable customer service representatives. They seem to know their products well and get issues resolved quickly. Of course, they will extend warranty benefits if they are certain that there was no mistake on your part.

However, one thing to take note of is that they may use their call as opportunities to pitch different products. You could also receive sales calls later on.

Combo Kits

To avail yourself a good deal, you can think of buying combo kits if you really want to save big.

Both Makita and Bosch have similar items in their combo kits. The Makita kit offers an angle grinder, reciprocating saw, work light, charger, two batteries, and a 6.5-inch circular saw. There is also a bag that houses all these items.

The Bosch combo kit has a charger, grinder, 3 batteries, flashlight, reciprocating saw, circular saw, a cordless jigsaw, and an angle grinder. It too has a bag to carry all your stuff.

Although the prices on both kits are similar, Makita gets ahead in terms of quality and reliability. Since Makita tools are substantially more reliable, they also have a higher customer rating.

Drill and Impact Wrench Combos

Makita and Bosch have some really robust drill and impact wrench kits that work as advertised. They have very high ratings from satisfied customers.

Although it’s too close to make a distinction, Makita takes a slim lead in terms of quality.

Our Final Thoughts

Both Makita and Bosch offer highly reliable tools to work with, so you can’t go wrong with any. However, Makita takes the lead thanks to its 3-year warranty and its slightly higher customer rating. So it looks like we have a winner in the Makita vs Bosch matchup – Makita.

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