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Are you considering taking up woodworking as a hobby? The equipment and tools you’ll need to start working with wood are the first things you’ll need to figure out and settle on.

A hand planer is generally thought of as the most basic and important tools for woodworking, particularly for novices. Hand planes can be used to straighten, smoothen and shape wood into an attractive and practical piece suitable for woodworking. Hand planers are indispensable, particularly those who aren’t prepared to purchase power tools like belt sanders, jointers, and power planers. It is crucial to be aware of the different kinds of hand planers for specific types of woodworking.

To learn more, look through our selection of the best beginner hand planes.

7 Beginner-Friendly Hand Planers

GreatNeck C4 Bench-Jack Plane


If you’re in search of the top hand plane designed for beginners with top quality and performance, then look no further than GreatNeck C4 Bench-Jack Plane is the best choice. GreatNeck C4 Bench-Jack Plane is specifically made for professionals, as well as being beginner-friendly and user-friendly too.

The GreatNeck C4 Bench-Jack Plane is one of the best-selling hand planes on the market right now, and it’s precisely carved and finished to offer a flawless ergonomic design that’s up to professional standards. The GreatNeck C4 Bench-Jack Plane is made of high-quality cast iron and features a two-inch-wide steel cutter which is then strengthened and tempered to increase durability and strength.

What’s more striking than the materials used in the GreatNeck C4 Bench-Jack Plane is the hand plane’s design, which is centred on the user’s ease, dexterity, and efficiency. It has two wooden grips for added control and precision. It includes fully adjustable vertical and horizontal edges that can be modified to meet your needs.

Stanley 12-220 Block Plane

ASIN: B00002X1Z8

It is rated as one of the top-selling hand planes. The Stanley 12-220 Block Plane is easily considered the best choice for beginners.

The product is from an industry-leading, well-known and reliable brand. The Stanley 12-220 Block Plane is designed to ensure efficient and effective performance in all circumstances. Perfect for small and light woodworking tasks, the Stanley 12-220 Block Plane comes with a sharp, flat blade with 21 degrees enabling users to cross-grain plane.

What’s more appealing about this hand planer is that it’s adjustable, so it is possible to move and alter the cutter to suit the alignment and depth you require.

SENKICHI Kanna Japanese Carpenter’s Wood Block Plane


The SENKICHI Kanna Japanese Carpenter’s Wood Block Plane deviates from the typical or classic appearance of hand planes. This hand plane is distinguished by its simple hardwood block construction and is guaranteed to deliver excellent results at all times.

Made from high-quality carbon steel as well as oak materials, the SENKICHI Kanna Japanese Carpenter’s Wood Block Plane is largely renowned for its minimalist design and reliable and efficient performance. This hand plane is ideal for grinding, effectively cutting, and forming wood surfaces.

Its SENKICHI Kanna Japanese Carpenter’s Wood Block Plane is among the top-rated and most sought-after hand planes. It’s even better because it comes with a quality blade that’s configured at a 30° angle and capable of handling thick and fine shavings.

Taytools Jack Smoothing Bench Hand Plane


It is regarded as the best value for money and a budget-friendly model for beginners’ top hand planes. The Taytools Jack Smoothing Bench Hand Plane is user-friendly and the perfect tool for anyone new to woodworking.

Composed of solid cast iron metal, this Taytools Jack Smoothing Bench Hand Plane is best appreciated for its durability and strength, making the tool almost impervious to damage. The hand plane’s tempered and hardened 0.120″ thick and 2″ broad body is meant to last a long time and withstand the daily stress and strain that comes with woodworking.

In addition to its material, the tote and knob of this Taytools Smoothing Jack Hand Plane have an intuitive design that has been meticulously molded, polished, oiled, and rubbed. Additionally, this hand plane has a 45-degree angled blade that will flawlessly smooth and flatten the surface for an attractive and polished appearance.

KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane


With its basic design and high-quality performance, you can always rely on the KAKURI Japanese Woodworking Block Plane if you’re looking for an affordable hand plane.

The KAKURI woodworking Japanese Block Plane, designed for a pull motion rather than a push, can deliver precise and consistent pressure for clean and flat cuts. It comes with a sharp blade composed of carbon steel that can make smooth, even cuts and can be readily resharpened with a whetstone.

Apart from the high-quality Japanese blade, which makes the KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane even more outstanding, its simplistic design is also capable of providing accuracy and control over the cuts created. It is the perfect size to fit comfortably in the palm of one’s hand, measuring 2.2 by 5.9 by 1.6 inches.

Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane


The Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane, another product from Stanley, is longer than ordinary bench hand planes and therefore is particularly meant to achieve smooth cuts on boards and timbers that are rough-sawn.

Perfect for hardwoods, the Stanley Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane is constructed using top-quality cast iron that is ductile and is renowned for its toughness and durability. The jack hand plane is well-known for its straightforward and simple construction; it has a single frog and base, which reduces chatter and allows for more control and precision.

Apart from the design and material, one of the most notable features unique to this hand planer is its patent-pending locking mechanism for lateral adjustment that eliminates locking issues that are common in hand planes available today.

YOGEON Woodworking Hand Plane


The Woodworking YOGEON Hand Plane is yet another distinctive and affordable alternative for those searching for a hand planer that is straightforward and simple to operate as when it’s designed for those who are new to the field.

The YOGEON Woodworking Hand Plane is noted for its extremely accurate cuts with its top-of-the-line steel blade, thanks to its one-piece base and frog design. It is notable for its remote-like appearance. The hand plane has been ergonomically designed to make it easy to grip, operate, and modify to your specific needs.

In addition to its design, The YOGEON Woodworking hand Plane’s most exciting feature is its excellent steel blade, which is sturdy, sharp, and long-lasting. It’s made of tough steel with a 1/8-inch thickness that helps prevent chatter while also providing a better grip on the blade.

Our Final Thoughts

Selecting the best beginner hand planes can be tough and challenging, particularly when you have no idea of what to search for. Hand planes are necessary for making your wood object visually smooth and beautiful without using power tools. Because hand planes are far less expensive than power tools like electric sanders and power planers, it’s only sensible to choose and invest in the best beginner hand planes available today.

We hope that this guide will help start you off on the right track and assist you in selecting the best beginner hand plane to meet your needs, and allow you to have a great time in your workshop.

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