Best Beginner Scroll Saw

You’ve decided that a scroll saw will be the next thing to be added to your woodworking workshop. Next, you need to determine the best scroll saw for the beginner.

If you’ve already begun the hunt for the best beginner scroll saw, then you know that there are limitless options to choose from in the market today.

Different from other power saws, a scroll saw features round-rotating blades that are designed to make straight cuts across the wood. It features straight blades and is often the preferred machine for creating puzzle pieces, wood figurines, intarsia, as well as beveled edges.

This guide will explain what to be looking for in a scroll saw when you are an aspiring user and provide in-depth reviews of each scroll saw to help you make the best choice according to your requirements and budget.

Best Beginner Scroll Saw

5 Beginner-Friendly Scroll Saw

We examined scroll saws on the basis of precision, user-friendliness, and power, as well as versatility and other features. Here are our top 5 picks:

DEWALT DW788 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

ASIN: B000022313

The DEWALT DW788 can be described as the full package in the world of scroll saws. It is quiet, user-friendly, and adaptable enough to fulfill the demands of both novice and more experienced woodworkers as well.

The DEWALT DW788 is among the best scroll saws we’ve examined, with a 20-inch total throat diameter that allows for cutting depths of up to 2 inches. It can only be used with pin-less (straight) blades. It makes changing blades a stress-free experience.

The main switch, control for speed, and the lever for tension are conveniently placed on top of the arm and easily accessible when working. The large iron table offers plenty of space to work on your tasks, and it has an arm with two parallel links, which helps to reduce vibrations.

Although this DEWALT DW788 isn’t exactly the most powerful scroll saw available, it’s an excellent choice for users of every ability level and offers many capabilities at a reasonable price. Its easy operation and straightforward layout mean you’ll have less time tinkering with the machine’s functions and far more time making the intricate and unique cuts that scroll saws are well-known for.

Dremel Moto-Saw Variable-Speed Compact Scroll Saw


If you’re starting out with scrolling, search for an affordable scroll saw with all the essential features without the costly accessories you won’t utilize. The Dremel Moto-Saw is perfect for woodworkers, and people who use a scroll saw for light-duty work due to its flexibility and easy use.

This Dremel has an adjustable speed that allows you to quickly change the cutting action of the saw and provides a quiet operation, appreciated by many when doing DIY projects.

It is important to note that this scroll saw comes with pinned blades. They are more convenient to change as compared to blades without pins. But, they restrict the kinds of cutting strokes you can make and are more suitable for simple tasks. Another thing to be aware of about the Dremel Moto-Saw is that it doesn’t have the miter gauge and rip fence; however, you can buy them separately.

Ryobi SC165VS 16-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw


Create intricate woodworking cuts without breaking the bank by picking a basic scroll saw like the Ryobi Corded Scroll Saw. The model comes with a 16-inch throat size and tools-free blade adjustments to simplify your life.

This affordable scroll saw has plenty of features and flexibility. A tilting table made of aluminum can be adjusted within 0 and 45 degrees, useful for beveled designs such as bowls and inlays. It can also be used with pinless or pinned blades, depending on your style. Cast iron bases support the saw and limit the machine’s movement, but you’ll still need to contend with some noise.

Although this budget-friendly scroll saw isn’t equipped to tackle large-scale scrolling tasks, it’s an excellent choice for woodworking tasks. Because it’s light, it’s simple to get on and off the workstation. Pick the Ryobi 16″ Corded Scroll Saw if you seek a low-cost method to finish basic scrolling tasks or an adjustable scroll saw with tilting tables that won’t throw your budget out of the middle.

Porter-Cable PCB375SS 18-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw


This Porter-Cable Scroll Saw gives your tool a designated place with a suitable stand in your workshop. It provides the saw with a secure spot to rest.

The throat diameter on this saw is 18 inches, and the variable speed range is 500 to 1500 rpm. The cast iron table has a bevel scale, which is a unique feature not found in various saws. This scroll saw can accommodate blades that are pinless or pinned, and blade modifications are made without the use of any equipment.

The machine is mounted on a stand made of steel which saves space on the work surface. While most scroll saws that come with these capabilities cost at least $500, this model by Porter Cable costs less than $300. Although it is not as robust or accurate as higher-end versions of the scroll saw, it meets most people’s expectations.

WEN 3921 16-inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw


If you like working with patterns, look for a scroll saw with blades that can be installed in two different directions and at various speeds to give you more control. Our best option for a pattern scroll saw is the WEN 3921 Scroll Saw.

You can use the scroll saw with pinless and pinned blades, which allows you to select the best blade design. Furthermore, you can place the blades either in a regular or right-angle orientation, giving you greater flexibility when you follow the scrolling patterns.

Altogether, the Wen 3921 provides an excellent value for money, and it has the strength and flexibility needed to create simple cuts and patterns with ease. The WEN 3921 scroll saw isn’t the most powerful or complex on the market, but it stands out for its plethora of blade positions, adjustable speed options, and adaptability for a simple design scroll saw.


When choosing the right product, it is essential to know your needs and desires, gain as much knowledge about the product you’re looking for and create an appropriate budget.

Understanding the scroll saw its most crucial attributes and the opportunities it can offer you must be the first in your checklist of priorities to think about.

We hope that this guide will help start you off on the right track and assist you in selecting the best beginner scroll saw to meet your needs, and allow you to have a great time in your workshop.

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