Best Beginner Wood Lathe

If you’re a professional carpenter or a beginner starting to make beautiful patterns and designs made of wood, using a top wood lathe machine is essential.

Most of the work done on wood calls for lathe machines, so it is essential to purchase an impressive and powerful wood lathe appropriate for the budget of a beginner and work requirements. Check out our article about the best beginner’s wood lathe and get familiar with the best quality products available in this class.

5 Best Wood Lathes For Beginners

If you’re planning on buying an affordable and effective wood lathe, then continue reading this review and find out the top ten products to help you improve your woodturning abilities. These wood lathes are expertly constructed and come with many positive reviews and suggestions from users and experts, getting the most value out of the money.

Best Beginner Wood Lathe

WEN 3421


If you’re a beginner woodturner searching for a multi-purpose wood lathe, you should try the WEN 3421. It’s a high-quality lathe that can take the most complex and demanding woodturning projects.

You can use it for small workpieces such as an e-pen, chess pieces, cups, bowls, and other similar objects which require the help of a compact lathe.


This wood lathe comes equipped with a compact but powerful motor with 3.2-ampere power that efficiently works with tiny wood pieces. The motor’s strength is sufficient for the wood projects you want to make, and it will also help save 50% of the power used and make it a less power-consuming device.

The ability to change the speed of your machine is among the most prominent features of any wood turning machine. It is a significant advantage of Wen products since their customers can benefit from the adjustable motor speed ranges between 750 and 3200 RPM. 3200 RPM marks the motor’s highest speed, which is less than that of the most advanced lathes.

So, this small motor is better at working with smaller wood items instead of turning large workpieces. The tailstock taper and the amazing MT1 spindle that comes together with this wood lathe will strengthen the grip on the workpieces over most large wood lathe tools, making it the perfect tool for smaller woodturning projects.



If you’re not content with the limited speed available on this WEN 3241 wood lathe and are searching for a more flexible machine, then take some time to look into the specifications and features of the JWL 1221 wood lathe.

It is a well-known model renowned for its variable speed range, which allows it to be used for one of the most challenging jobs for carpenters.


This lathe’s most notable feature is its adjustable speed range, allowing the machine to operate between 60 RPM and 3600 RPM. This broad speed range lets you perform a variety of woodturning tasks.

The JWL wood lathe isn’t only responsible for turning wood but also capable of cutting, sanding, facing drilling, and wood deformation. It is a multi-functional product that is an unbeatable wood lathe machine that can perform multiple functions. For woodturners who are just beginning, this machine comes with the Digital Readout (DRO) technique that can automatically adjust the settings to run smoothly for newbies.

The security features of the wood lathe are remarkable and worth the investment. The spring-loaded spindle lock that comes with this machine keeps the wood lathe protected from any accidents that the speedy rotation of the chucks might cause.



If you’re a woodworker just beginning in this profession and would like to improve your learned woodturning skills, you should look at the Shop Fox wood lathe.

Shop fox is a well-known manufacturing company that offers an extensive range of high-quality commercial items sought after by customers and highly appreciated by the public.


This exceptional wood lathe is priced under $1,000 and features several great features for the professional woodworker. The powerful 2 HP motor is a notable aspect of this lathe, and it is far superior at cutting as well as ripping projects than counterparts that cost the same.

It is constructed from strong cast iron, which can maintain its quality and durability. It is powered by a 110-volt motor that is single-phase; it is an ideal option for woodworkers seeking the most affordable yet cost-effective option.

The rugged look of this lathe, along with minimal vibrations and fast settings, give this machine an enticing reputation in the marketplace. The speed adjustments are fairly easy due to their lever design and are able to be adjusted to meet the requirements of various projects.

Mophorn Wood Lathe


Mophorn is a less well-known brand than the other brands in our list of the best beginner wood lathes.

The last couple of decades has heightened the excitement of Mophron’s products because of their low cost and high-quality performance.


This is an 18-inch wood lathe designed for large-scale woodturning projects. It has an attractive design that will suit the professionals looking for the most robust wood lathe machine. The maximum working capacity of the lathe is swinging over the bed by 12 inches, and its distance between two beds can be as long as 18 inches.

The wood lathe comes with a 6-inch tool rest that helps keep the accessory storage and organization neat and attractive without a messy appearance. Faceplates, the top drive, and the live center are crucial to ensuring proper performance.

The primary material used in the construction of this lathe is cast iron, which is supported by feet made of rubber. These materials offer the required stability needed when working on woodworking jobs. This lathe’s benchtop style is ideal for being used in labs or workshops.

Laguna Tools Revo Lathe

ASIN: B07QCK3721

This is a demanding wood lathe, widely praised in the marketplace due to its compact, robust and durable 2HP motor with adjustable speed control. Its range of speed is adjustable to up to 10 different speeds to accommodate the demands of various woodworking projects.

The control panel is a significant component of the device composed of anodized aluminum made with an ergonomic look. It is better for controlling the activities that the wooden lathe performs rather than traditional control panels.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide provided you with a comprehensive review of top woodturning equipment. These woodturning machines are top-of-the-line and have an enviable position in the marketplace.

They are built to last and engineered with the highest precision. Users can also use these machines to turn other metals, including aluminum, brass, and steel.

So, if you pick one of these wood lathes, it is a wise choice as these are designed for beginner woodturners. The lathes will assist you in improving your capabilities and offer an exceptional woodturning experience.

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