Best Budget Table Saws

The price point is a critical matter when it comes to shopping for a power tool, and the same goes for table saws. Again, making sure that the budget doesn’t compromise the quality is also a crucial aspect of purchasing them.

The best budget table saws are the ones that make the process of cutting edges easier and smoother, as if they came fresh out of a factory. Moreover, if you use them with the right equipment, table saws can do an exceptional job at rip cuts. However, it’s important to acknowledge that table saws, for the most part, aren’t the most budget-friendly tools in the market.

Thankfully, over the years, with the growing competition, these tools have become a lot more affordable. Again, there’s no way to determine what’s right and not right unless you do thorough research on what you need.

The 5 Best Budget Table Saws

We have done the homework on your behalf and have listed the most popular models that hopefully won’t break your bank. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the very best budget table saws available.

1. DeWalt DW7485 Compact Jobsite Table Saw

With its 24.5-inch rip and exceptional capacity, this one has effortlessly made it to the top of this list. Furthermore, the 15-amp motor allows the machine to practically cut through any plywood.

While its durability is absolutely commendable, there are also several other features this table saw boasts, such as the ability to withstand rough conditions, portability, and ample amount of storage.

2. Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Speaking of great value for money, this Bosch Portable Table Saw is not only easy to transport but also pretty convenient and lightweight to carry around. Even though it’s an all-around winner in most aspects, it may not be as good of a performer as DeWalt saws.

However, its notable traits are still worthy of being mentioned. First of all, it has an all-steel base that can withstand almost any kind of condition. Then, there’s the built-in storage to house your accessories when you’re done using them.

All in all, it does have plenty of power, considering the 15-amp motor, but it doesn’t have enough capacity to earn the spot of one of the best budget table saws.

3. Genesis GTS10SB 10” 15-Amp Table Saw

Again, it does qualify for being a budget table saw, given its reasonable price. However, it still lacks certain features that a good table saw should preferably have, but if we have to focus on the features it does have, we will definitely praise the fact that it comes with a stand.

One major downside you may experience with this one has to do with the rip. With only 12 inches of rip capacity, it may not be ideal for serious woodworking projects. However, as we previously mentioned, it can conveniently be placed in a workshop, but it’s still pretty bulky and heavy, making it hard to move around.

While it isn’t portable, you get to enjoy a two-year warranty in case you plan to take it out eventually.

4. WORX WX572L BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

There’s absolutely no doubt about how attractive the price point is for this particular product. Moreover, it isn’t only the price but also the fact that it is the smallest and hence, quite easy to operate.

Even if you plan to move it from one location to the next, you shall be able to do so conveniently, given that it weighs only 14.7 pounds. However, don’t be mistaken and consider it as a weak contender in terms of rip cuts. It does a pretty decent job at that and crosscuts, which also speaks volumes of its versatility.

Then, there’s the adjustable miter gauge that further allows for 0-60-degree cuts. However, the feature that truly helps it qualify for being one of the best budget table saws is its emergency switch that lowers the probability of any accidental starts.

5. SKILSAW SPT99T-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

SKILSAW table saw is known for being super durable, thanks to its all-metal construction. Moreover, due to its extraordinary worm drive, it’s able to do the job well even if the task is heavy-duty in nature.

Furthermore, it also has a pinion fence and a rack, allowing greater guidance and precision. While it is pretty rugged and solid, it is still pretty small and also lightweight, which may not be an ideal feature for this particular circumstance.

The biggest plus side of purchasing it is that you can invest longer hours at work since the dual field motor does a decent job at keeping the motor cool at all times. Last but not least, it is also known for being a great contractor table saw, especially for heavy projects.

However, if you aren’t someone who can handle louder operations, you may want to keep the hunt going.

Our Final Thoughts

In the end, finding a decent and affordable table saw is no easy feat. This is especially true for those who have no clue what to look for in a tool, and so they end up wasting their money and time along the way.

While the purpose of this guide was to help you filter your choices easier, we also recommend doing some personal research. For instance, a good price point does not necessarily mean that a product is worth investing in. This is why your quest can get tricky if you’re only focused on affordability.

The goal is to make sure that factors such as motor power, cutting capacity, ease of use, and safety features are also considered. However, determining whether it’s truly one of the best budget table saws requires you to take a deeper look into what projects you mostly engage in.

This way, you will be able to identify what features matter and what can be overlooked.

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