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A bed is one of the essential items in a bedroom. If you don’t have a comfortable bed to sleep on, it’s about time you should build or buy one to ensure your room is serving its purpose. It’s also crucial that your bed be made from the best quality material, which lasts a long time.

Hence, when you’re about to build a bed, you need to ensure you choose the right type of wood. If your bed isn’t made from the correct wood type, you might face many issues. Your mattress might break when you’re on it, causing you harm. So, a top-notch wood type is needed to hold the bed together.

This article will explore the best wood types for building a bed’s slats.

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is one of the best wood types to make a bed slat as it delivers exceptional strength. The best part about Douglas fir that makes people want to invest is its price. It doesn’t too expensive, making it easier for people to purchase.

This wood type is also one of the sturdiest you’ll find, which contributes to holding it together. Douglas fir has a smooth texture and is relatively easier to work with than other wood types. So, if it’s your first time building a bed, try giving Douglas fir a chance. It won’t disappoint you and will provide you with a super solid bed.


How can we not mention pine if we’re talking about easy wood types to work with? Pinewood is literally a dream for woodworkers due to how forgiving it is. This wood type belongs to the softwood family, so it’s not a problem to cut through.

Whether you want to cut through this wood or screw some nails in it, pinewood will co-operate as much as possible. Hence, if you’re intimidated by the fact that it’s your first-time constructing bed slats, it’s better to use pinewood to make your bed as it’ll take all your worries away. Overall, pine delivers exceptional quality and isn’t an expensive piece of wood; it’s a win!


Next on the list is another softwood that’s highly convenient to use. Spruce is a wood type that you can never go wrong with. It won’t cause your budget to take a hit since it’s so inexpensive. Number two, spruce wood will make you comfortable when using it as it doesn’t have any issues.

Also, you won’t have to work like crazy to maintain it, as spruce is considered one of the most low-key wood types. So, if you want decent quality and don’t want to invest as much financially and time-wise, spruce should be your go-to wood type.


The thing about hickory that most people love is how easy it is to cut through. You might have noticed that all wood types we’ve mentioned so far belong to the softwood category if you’re paying attention. That’s because bed slats are relatively easier to construct when working with softwood.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use hardwood (they’re next on the list), but softwood, such as hickory, is generally more forgiving and easier to be around. Hickory wood will give you the best quality for sturdiness and durability, lasting longer than you think. So, we suggest you invest in hickory if you want your bed slats to hold together for years.


If you’re in the market for versatile wood, ash will be the most ideal to use. This wood type is lightweight and also comes in lighter colors. The best part about ash is that it’s exceptionally stain-absorbent, allowing you to explore with more colors.

When a woodblock is stain-absorbent, it’s easier to absorb different colors. So, you can have a bright-colored piece of ash too. Another best quality about ash is its power, holding your bed slats together for five to seven years. Once you’ve constructed your bed from ash wood, you won’t have to worry about replacing it sooner.


Birch has similar properties as ash and will benefit you plenty if you invest in it. Birchwood is considered one of the most robust wood types, making it a popular piece of wood. Most people who look for sturdiness and durability go for birchwood, given how exceptional it is regarding quality.

This wood type is also lightweight, making it easier to cut through. If you don’t have much experience making objects from wood, it’s better to use convenient forgiving wood. Another thing you should know about birchwood is that it comes in various types, including timber and plywood. Your go-to type will depend on your experience, budget, and preference.


Most woodworkers prefer to work with beech as it’s one of the most reliable wood types. One might say reliability is this wood’s selling point. It provides plenty of thickness, considering how thick this wood is. So, if you want your bed slats to stay intact for longer, using beech will be wise.

However, you should know about beech because it is thicker than other wood types, and it might be challenging to cut through, causing you inconvenience. We suggest you only use beechwood if you’re experienced in cutting wood and constructing other objects from it. If not, it’s better to hire a professional woodworker or carpenter to build your bed slats.

White Oak

White oak has a stunning overall appearance as it has excellent finishing properties. Many people who choose white oak as their preferred wood type prioritize aesthetics. Also, white oak has plenty of sturdiness, so you’ll get double benefits.

This wood type has refined grains with a uniform texture, making it an ideal piece of wood to use. However, the problem with white oak is that it isn’t stain-absorbent, so you’ll have to work with what you get and not experiment with colors. Another thing you should know is that white oak is considered one of the most expensive wood types in the world. So, only invest in it if you have a flexible budget.

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