Best Wood for Closet Shelves

Have you moved into a new home and are looking at closet options? Or simply planning to renovate your existing home? If so, building your own closet can be a great step.

You can take your organizational needs into your own hands by designing your own closet. You can also control what materials you use to construct the closet and shelving. Choosing the best wood for closet shelves is surely a tricky question!

You want the shelves to be durable and strong and add aesthetic appeal to the closet. If your closet stores heavy items, you need to choose thick or dense wooden material for shelving. If you are storing light items, lightweight woods are suitable.

Closet shelves constructed out of flimsy materials can sag easily under the weight of piled contents. They can also collapse, causing inconvenience and breakage. In order to avoid this, it’s best to use the best wood for closet shelves.

Best Wood for Closet Shelves

The 5 Best Woods for Closet Shelves

Let’s have a look at some great wooden shelving options for closets.


Plywood shelving is dependable and versatile. Plywood resists warping and sagging and is a strong wood hence a popular option by homeowners. It is constructed out of five layers of wood placed with the alternating direction of the grain. These five layers are glued together to form one solid piece. This creates a strong structure and eliminates weakness. Plywood is also a cost-effective option for closet shelving.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is commonly used when crafting houseg=hold furnishings and is also a popular option for closet shelving. Cherrywood falls under the hardwood category; hence it is heavier than other wood’s common types of wood. This also makes it slightly more difficult to cut and drill it. However, if compared to other hardwoods, Cherry wood is lighter and easier to install. It has a warm and rich tone and is a great option for closet shelving that is on display. You can place both light to heavy options on cherry wood shelves.

Particle Board

Particleboard is an engineered wood that can easily resemble both plywood and cherry wood. It is one of the best wood for closet shelves as it is affordable and easy to assemble. Particleboard is suitable for light to medium weight objects. If you place heavy objects on a shelf made of particleboard, they can bend and warp easily.


Pine is also a great wood for closet shelving. It is sturdy enough for closet shelving use, even though it is lighter than plywood. This softwood is also affordable and easily available. It’s also easy to paint and stain, thus making it an excellent choice for DIY projects. Pinewood is suitable if you want to place light to medium objects.


MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. These are sheets produced out of processed paper waste. MDF is a good option for closet shelving. It’s not as strong as plywood or solid wood but can fit the purpose. MDF is produced when wood chips are inserted into a machine. This machine is called the ‘defibrator .’It grinds the woodchips into tiny ‘fibers .’Then these fibers are joined together through heat and pressure.

Buying Wood for Closet Shelves

This White Pine lumber board measures 6×11.25×0.75 inches and is finished on all four sides. This lumber board is quite versatile and can be sued for a variety of purposes.

You can use it for closet shelving, furniture making, and other home improvement projects. It works well with both machine and hand tools and finishes quite well. This board is a pale yellow, almost white in color, and tends to darken with age.

This set contains four MDF wood blocks that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can easily use these in DIY projects involving home renovation or home décor.

These blocks have a smooth and finished wooden surface that can easily be painted upon. They measure 10×10 inches and are one inch thick. The MDF is flexible and easy to work with.

These plywood sheet board squares are lightweight, strong, and multi-purpose. Due to their multi-ply composition, they are also durable and sturdy. These squares are perfect for furniture making and domestic use.

The package contains five pieces with a thickness of 1.5 mm. When being delivered, the plywood squares are packed in thick PE plastic bags in order to protect the plywood and avoid transportation. These squares are also laser marking and cutting friendly.

They are perfect for woodworking and domestic projects. They have high workability and paint and stain well. They can also be polished with sandpaper, and a saw is required for manual cutting.

Our Final Thoughts

With the wide array of materials available, choosing the best wood for closet shelves isn’t as simple as one thought! When you are making this decision keep several factors in mind. First of all, what look do you want for your custom closet?

Do you want a luxurious closet with an open display or a practical one with reasonable shelving and drawer space? Secondly, keep durability in mind. How sturdy do you want the shelving to be? Choosing a  solid, sturdy material is the last thing you want.

Are your closet shelves sagging and warping due to weight. The wood material you choose should be suitable for daily closet use. Thirdly keep the cost factor in mind. This goes hand in hand with durability.

You want to choose a closet shelving material that is sturdy yet easy on the pocket. After contemplating these three factors, it’s possible to choose the perfect wood for closet shelving.

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