Best Wood for Exterior Doors

Are you choosing the right type of wood for exterior doors? Know that it should match your home’s overall design and style while being highly durable and strong.

You must choose the best wood for exterior doors since they are exposed to variable weather conditions and fungal attacks. This blog post will cover some durable and long-lasting hardwood options for you to explore for your exterior doors. Read on to find out.

Best Wood for Exterior Doors

Here are some of the most durable hardwood options for exterior doors for you to explore:

Best Wood for Exterior Doors

1. Ash Wood

Ashwood is outstandingly durable and strong, making it a great choice for exterior doors. It is known for its texture, toughness, and flexibility. Ashwood is also resistant to decay, which is quite common for exposed wood.

Ashwood has a hardness rating of 1200, and experts agree that it is one of the strongest and hardest woods.

2. Cedar

Cedar wood’s finest qualities that make it the perfect option for exterior doors are its strength, durability, and tendency to be resistant to moisture, rot, and decay. Cedarwood requires low maintenance compared to other types of wood.

However, cedarwood comes with a hefty price tag, which seems worth it when you consider its longevity and resistance to harsh weather damage.

Cedarwood is lightweight and easy to work with. It can easily be stained to retain its beautiful reddish-golden color. Cedarwood makes the best choice for homeowners looking to make the perfect first impression on visitors.

3. Cherry

Cherry is commonly known for its fine and straight-grained texture. This wood gives exterior doors a perfectly smooth finish. It comes in a deep shade of brown that tends to darken with exposure to sunlight. It is used for both interior and exterior doors. Cherry wood is easy to cut and carve, perfect for traditional carved exterior doors. It is also resistant to loads.

4. Maple Wood

Birchwood is quite similar to birch wood in terms of its appeal. The overlapping features of both kinds of wood often make it difficult for homeowners to differentiate between them. However, be mindful that birch wood is unsuitable for exterior doors as it is not resistant to rot and decay, which is inevitable in highly humid areas.

Still, maple wood makes for a great choice of wood for the exterior door. One drawback of maple wood is that it does not show as many natural grains as homeowners typically prefer.

5. Red Oak

Read wood is an exceptionally durable and dense wood, making it an excellent option for exterior doors. However, it does require slightly more maintenance than other woods as it is slightly less resistant to rotting and decay than other types of woods. With a layer of protective coating, it could work for both interior and exterior doors and last you longer than it would otherwise.

6. Mahogany

Exterior hardwood doors must be durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions, moisture, humidity, rotting, and decay –mahogany wood checks all these boxes. It is reddish-brown and tends to darken as the wood matures.

Mahogany wood has tighter wood grains compared to other types of wood. It is perfect for homeowners that prefer a distinctive color pattern on their exterior doors. Mahogany wood works for both traditional and modern homes.

There is much more to mahogany wood than just its beauty and elegance. In highly humid climates, it shrinks and swells less than other hardwoods. It is also resistant to rot and fungal attacks. Its durability and elegance make it one of the best choices for exterior doors. If you ask us, we will definitely rate mahogany as the number one choice for exterior doors.

Tips on How to Maintain Exterior Doors

Even the best wood for exterior doors requires maintenance, regardless of their durability and strength. We have put together some simple tips on maintaining your exterior doors to make them last longer and prevent rotting, decay, and changing color.

1. Clean Your Doors Frequently

Add cleaning doors to your weekly cleaning routine. Protecting your doors from dust will make them last longer. You don’t need any fancy cleaning products to do this. A simple solution of mild soap and water is the most effective way to clean your exterior door. Dip a microfiber cleaning cloth in the solution, squeeze out the excess water, and clean away. Dry your door with a clean cloth afterward to avoid moisture retention. Do this at least once a week.

2. Polish Your Exterior Doors

Polish your exterior doors regularly, as this will add a protective layer to them and prevent your door from rotting or becoming dull. Polishing would instantly give your exterior doors a fresh look while improving the overall condition. We recommend hiring a professional to do this for optimal results.

3. Protect Your Doors from Sun Damage

Even if you have a large shade on top of your exterior door, it still needs protection from sun damage, which can be done using a varnish that works to block UV rays. Refinishing your exterior doors with UV-blocking ingredients will protect your door from wearing out. These finishes also offer protection against humidity, rain, and snow.

4. Wax and Oil Your Exterior Doors

Frequently wax or oil your exterior door. The best oil or wax for your door depends on the type of wood your door is made from. The best brands mainly consist of a combination of Tung and Linseed oil, perfect for your exterior doors’ long-term health.

Our Concluding Thoughts

Choosing the best wood for exterior doors depends entirely on taste and preference. Each option mentioned in this article is highly durable and resistant to harsh climates. However, they differ in texture, color, price, and overall appearance. So, go with what seems the best fitting for your space.

Good luck!

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