Best Wood for Exterior Trim

Every modern home has an exterior trim nowadays. It isn’t necessary to get, but it certainly adds plenty of appeal to the house. Most people who get an exterior trim think about the future sale of their home, which is brilliant. Also, exterior trim has plenty of other functions that will serve you.

The exterior trim will act as the best water-proofing protectant for your windows and doors. Some experts say that an exterior trim protects the house from unfavorable weather conditions. Hence, it would help to have the most robust exterior trim. You’ll need a heavy and sturdy piece of wood for that.

This article will take you through the different wood types considered best for getting an exterior trim.

Why Should You Get Exterior Trim?

If you’re still not convinced about getting an exterior trim, we have many reasons that might get you on board. Again, it isn’t necessary to have an exterior trim, but it’ll benefit you in more ways than one. Below is a list of reasons why getting an exterior trim for your house will be considered a wise move.

Prevents Replacement

You should know that wood is highly vulnerable to decay and rot. Getting an exterior trim will immediately show signals of any decay, letting you know it’s time to step up your maintenance game. The exterior trim will prevent you from replacing your wood and spending plenty of money on another wood. Hence, getting exterior trim will help you take prompt action right away instead of wasting time.

Enhances Overall Aesthetic

We don’t know if you’ve seen houses with exterior trims, but if you have, you’ll learn how aesthetic they look. Exterior trims undoubtedly represent robustly constructed homes and are part of the selling strategy. The more improved the house’s curb appeal, the higher its price. The exterior trim can benefit you plenty if you think about it strategically. Also, there’s nothing wrong with having a classy home!

Different Types of Exterior Trim

If you’re about to get exterior trim for your house, you should know it comes in different types. The type you should invest in depends on your budget and style. Let’s explore a few types of exterior trims.

Wood Trim

Wooden exterior trim is the most common type that homeowners get. Wood is sturdy and lasts quite a long if you maintain it thoroughly. Also, wood has a rustic appeal that other materials lack. Hence, many people prefer to get a wooden trim for their houses.

Vinyl Trim

This trim is considered the best alternative for wood trim as it offers several solutions and benefits. Firstly, vinyl trim is much more flexible, allowing to fit curves and arches. Also, vinyl trim is super durable, offering plenty of longevity. So, if you can’t get wood trim, vinyl is your next best option.

Best Wood for Exterior Trim

Since our focus is to make you more aware of wooden exterior trim, let’s discuss the different types of wood that can best make a trim. These wood types have many features, each offering something unique. Let’s go through them one by one to see which one you should invest in.

Douglas Fir

When discussing the best wood types, we have to mention Douglas fir as it’s one of the best and the easiest to work with. The best part about this wood type is its affordability. So, if you don’t have a flexible budget, you can still get a trim for your house without spending too much money.

Douglas fir is pretty stain-absorbent, accepting different types of paint. So, you can give it any look you want without restricting yourself. Imagine getting easy to afford sturdy wood that can be versatile with its look.


Another excellent piece of wood that’s worth investing in is pine. This wood type comes from the hardwood family and is relatively easier to cut through than most wood types. Since it’s softwood, you can give it any shape you want without ruining its initial look.

Also, stain absorption and pinewood go hand in hand. If you’re going to give it a different color, you can always do so. The best part about pinewood, a softer material than most wood varieties, is its strength. It offers plenty of sturdiness that ensures it’ll last longer. You won’t even have to maintain it as much.


This wood type is relatively more expensive than others, but it’s highly lucrative to invest in. Redwood has all the qualities that will add value to your house’s trim. It’s naturally weather-resistant, which itself is a significant selling point.

Since the trim will be placed around the house’s exterior, the material it’s made from must be protected against unfavorable weather conditions. Besides redwood’s weather resisting qualities, it has a stunning appearance. This piece of wood doesn’t include any defects you should worry about and offers plenty of longevity for years. So, we suggest you invest in redwood if you want a substantial exterior trim.


Cedar is an underrated wood type but has excellent qualities. This wood type should be your next best option if you can’t afford redwood, as it delivers sturdiness and lasts longer than you think. If anything, cedar is considered a rival to redwood as some of its qualities are better than the latter.

For example, cedar is much better at fighting insects and termites, resulting in a more durable trim. Also, cedar is more weather-resistant, so there’s no point in not using it to construct your trim. Many fences are built from cedarwood, reflecting its significance and top-notch quality.


Maple is one of the most used wood types, especially for making furniture. It’s more expensive than most wood, but that’s only because of the significant value it offers. Using maple to construct your trim won’t have a single complaint, as maple delivers nothing but top-notch quality.

Also, maple is a sturdy piece of wood that has incredible durability. You won’t regret investing in maple as it’s one of the best woof types you’ll find in the market. Many people prefer to use it due to its stunning appearance and overall strength.

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