Best Wood for Furniture

When creating indoor furniture, what better material to use than wood? The suitable timber can fit your interior style seamlessly. Whatever look you want for your home, whether modern, rustic, or industrial, you can achieve it.

Using wood for your home’s furniture has many benefits. Not only is it timeless, but it is also beautiful, versatile, and tough. With the right care, wood can last for generations. There are many diverse species of wood to choose from when it comes to furniture.

Whether you want to carve the item yourself or buy from a furniture retailer, you need to know the best wood for furniture. Whether it’s a bed frame, tabletop, a set of drawers, or a dining room table, knowledge of the timber it’s crafted from is essential. The wood choice will determine the item’s lifespan, cost, and maintenance.

Let’s look at options for the best wood for furniture below.

Best Wood for Furniture


Pinewood is durable, sturdy, and inexpensive. It has a pale hue that easily blends into existing color schemes. Pinewood is also easy to paint. Pine is usually used to craft rustic pieces of furniture such as farmhouse-inspired tables. As pine is easy to paint, it’s also a great option for kids’ furniture. This wood also resists swelling and shrinking.


Mahogany is known for its beauty, unique color, and durability. It has a fine and even grain and is usually free of pockets. Once mahogany is polished, it has a ruby-like shine to it. Its color also darkens over time.

Mahogany is great to work with and is an excellent wood for crafting furniture due to its sturdiness. There are many advantages of using mahogany for furniture, making this one of the best wood for furniture. It is more cost-effective than other types of wood, such as oak. It is also light in weight and resistant to shock.

Mahogany is also naturally resistant to shrinking and swelling, which is a great advantage. A disadvantage is that it requires more maintenance due to its tendency to scratch. Furniture crafted from mahogany also leans towards a more rustic country look.


Maple wood is sturdy, durable, and stains well. It is commonly used to make high-end furniture, accessories, and cabinetry.

Maple is a strong and sturdy wood making it highly popular among different types of woodworkers; it has a distinctive color and slender grain. Maple is also easy to obtain and lasts a long period.


Oak is a popular option, especially for outdoor furniture. This is because oak is naturally resistant to water injury. White oak is specifically used for outdoor furnishings as it has the least open pores and tight grain.

Red oak is mostly used for indoor furniture as it is more likely to rot. Oakwood also has a unique golden hue that makes it stand out.


Walnut wood is prized for its strength, grain, and color. It is usually used for carving and creating cupboards, wood veneers, and home furniture. Walnut wood can range in two different colors.

When it is obtained from the middle of the tree, it is chocolate brown, and when taken from the outer of the tree, it is yellow-ish. Walnut wood has a beautiful color and is mainly known for its sturdiness.

Buying Wood for Furniture

Poor Boys Farm – Variety Pack

This variety pack contains hard maple, black walnut, and cherry wood. The pack has 15 boards, each of hard maple, black walnut, and cherry wood. The boards are kiln-dried and have straight edges. Each board is 3/4x2x18 inches long.

Walnut Lumber Pack

Barrington Hardwoods manufactures this walnut lumber pack. The size of each board is 3/4x2x12. The dimensions of the package are 12.4×3.78×3.31 inches. The boards have a beautiful grain and are kiln-dried perfectly. Both the sides of the boards are sanded to a thickness of ¾ inches.

The Wood-Hawk Combo of 18 Boards

This combo pack contains a total of eighteen boards. Six boards are hard maple, six are walnut, and the remaining are cherry. All boards are kiln-dried and have the same dimension. They are ¾ inch in thickness, 2-inch-wide, and 16 inches long. Both sides of the board are sanded and have clean, straight edges. They are devoid of cracks, chip-outs, and knots. The package dimensions are 0.75x2x6.1 inches.

Maple Lumber Boards

This package includes four pieces of maple lumber boards. The dimensions of these boards are 3/4x2x12. They are beautifully grained and sanded to a thickness of ¾ inch. These hard maple boards are also perfectly kiln dried. Package dimensions include 12.4×9.88×1.1 inches.

Our Final Thoughts

When buying furniture or carving a certain furniture item, always keep the variety of wood used in mind. This is because not all woods are created equally.

They vary in characteristics and quality. Some woods are more durable outdoors as they are naturally resistant to shrinking. At the same time, others have a timeless appeal and may last generations if maintained.

Certain types of woods are softer and more apt for lighter items such as decorative items or kids’ furniture. The best wood for furniture is sturdy, long-lasting, and durable. It should also look classy and stylish.

So, whether you are buying a singular item like a coffee table or re-doing furniture for the house, you need to buy items crafted out of the right timber. This will influence the look of the furniture, its lifespan, and its color. The right choice will determine how well the furniture blends in with the other furnishings and the color scheme.

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