Best Wood for Interior Window Sills

Windows are a part of the house that enhances your home’s beauty. Many people prefer getting huge windows, especially if they have a breathtaking view. You should also know that you must also consider the window’s sills when designing your windows.

Window sills contribute plenty to the appearance of the window. The sills are that area of a window where you can set different showpieces or flower pots to make the window look more scenic. Hence, the sturdier the window sill is, the better it can support whatever you place on them.

You must ensure your window sills are made from the best quality wood. Let’s explore a few benefits of having wooden sills and the best wood types to make them.

Why Should You Choose Wooden Sills?

Window sills can be made from different materials, each having its set of pros and cons. However, we assure you that having wooden window sills will benefit you much more as they come with features no other material has. We have a list of reasons why choosing wood to make your sills is the best idea.

It Doesn’t Cause Allergies

Many other materials can cause different allergies when you work with them. This will never be the case with wood. Other materials might make you have reactions, causing a great deal of inconvenience.

We assure you that will never happen if you work with wood. Wood is pretty straightforward, they’re either easy to work with or a little challenging, but they will never cause you allergies.

Provides Natural Ventilation

Wood is an organic and natural building material that provides excellent ventilation. It’s said to “breath” on its own, not causing suffocation. Also, wood absorbs heat and thermal energy pretty well, making it easy to work with. So, if you want your home to have organic materials (such as wood), going with wood will be an excellent option.

Anti-Septic Properties

One of the best features of wood is its anti-septic properties. No other material has this kind of quality. Wood prevents the growth of disease-causing microorganisms, helping you be safe from numerous illnesses. Some wood types naturally include chemicals that kill such bacteria immediately when it tries to grow. Hence, using wood will serve your health quite well.

Physical Appeal

Every material has its own appeal; however, wood has a unique look, differentiating it from other materials. This is why many people prefer to use wood to make their furniture or construct their homes. So, if you want your windows to have an excellent visual appeal, we suggest using wood to make your windows sills.

Best Wood for Interior Window Sills

If you want your window sills to sustain and last long, you must ensure to use the best quality wood. Please never compromise on quality when it comes to decorating your home. Your home is your safe space; the more time and effort you invest in it, the better the outcome. Let’s explore a few of the best wood types for making interior window sills.


Oak is one of the most popular and expensive wood for all the right reasons. This piece of wood is highly sturdy, offering flexibility and durability as two of its robust features. Oak also has a stunning appearance, being a significant reason many people prefer buying it.

This piece of wood comes in light beige and brown colors, giving it a rustic yet sophisticated look. Oak is a pretty charming piece of wood, mainly due to its appearance, but it also has other technical benefits. For example, oak is easy to stain, allowing you to experiment with its look.


Larch is mainly used in making log furniture as this wood type is one of the sturdiest you’ll find. Since larch is a reliable piece of wood, objects like boats and ships are made from it. It’s also one of the most used wood pieces to construct patios and gazebos.

So, you should know using larch will benefit you plenty if you want your window sill to be as sturdy as possible. Many people use larch to make their roofs and ceiling panels. This will tell you how significant this piece of wood can be. Hence, you won’t be disappointed by investing in larch wood.


Cherrywood is a popular piece of wood known for its strength and appearance. Cherry comes in different types, each type offering something unique. Whichever type you go with, please know your window sills will be in excellent shape.

Cherry comes in dark red to brown colors, giving it a stunning appearance. Many people use cherry for its appearance, but it has other features that make it an excellent piece of wood. Cherrywood is highly easy to cut, making it convenient to penetrate holes. So, if you’re looking for an easy to work with wood, we suggest you buy some cherrywood.


If you’re a big fan of wood staining, using ash will be ideal. This piece of wood has a smooth texture with uniform grains, making it easy to cut or bend. Ashwood is a lightweight piece of wood but offers a significant amount of density – a quality missing in many kinds of wood.

You will be happy to know that ash wood doesn’t cost so much, so you can easily afford it. This wood type accepts polishes well, making it easy to maintain. Overall, it’s a sturdy piece of wood that will serve you (and your window sills) well.


If you like light caramel colors, we suggest you buy chestnut immediately. This piece of wood allows you to have a sturdy piece of wood, making you have flexible window sills. Chestnut has an excellent visual appeal, being the reason behind its popularity.

If the physical attraction is what you’re going after, choosing chestnut will aid you nicely. You’ll get a durable piece of wood that you won’t have to think about replacing, as chestnut is pretty long-lasting. Such traits make chestnut one of the most loved and used pieces of wood.

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