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Picture frames are the perfect way to keep reminding yourself of the beautiful memories you’ve had. Whether you have photos from a casual fishing trip or an extravagant birthday party, you need to cherish those memories by having such pictures everywhere in your home.

You’ll need suitable picture frames that allow you to take a trip down memory lane now and then. However, if you want your picture frame to last, you’ll have to use the sturdiest piece of wood to ensure it doesn’t break apart. You’ll find numerous wood types to build a solid picture frame, but which wood will best work?

Below is a list of numerous wood types to build a decent-quality picture frame.


Poplar is one of the most used woods to build many wooden objects, such as cabinets, floors, shelves, and even picture frames. The best part about making picture frames is that you won’t have to use so much wood, costing less money.

So, whatever your budget is, you can stay within your financial boundaries when you invest in poplar. Poplar has excellent finishing properties, making it a valuable piece of wood to use. We guarantee you won’t regret using poplar to make decent picture frames, as they’ll last much longer than you think.


Maple is such a wood that’s more on the expensive side. However, since not much wood will be used to make a picture frame, you’ll still not face a dent in your wallet. Maple has a stunning finish, being the main reason people use it.

It falls under the category of hardwood, so it’ll be challenging to work with. But once you wrap your head around it, you’ll realize it was a wise choice to get some maple wood. Durability and sturdiness are two of its key features, contributing to its popularity and success.


Another excellent wood type that has made it to our list of the best wood is ash. Ash has beautiful grains, including a uniform texture. Its overall appearance is rather aesthetic, so many people prefer using ash to build their wooden items. One of the benefits of using ash is that this wood type doesn’t decay so quickly.

You’ll see that items made using ash have top-notch quality and durability. Yes, ash wood is hard, so you might face difficulty working with it, but that only means it’s more sturdy than other wood types. Overall, if you want your picture frame to be made of the best quality, ash should be your go-to.


Your picture frames deserve the best wood, and cherrywood is precisely that. Using cherry to make your picture frame will benefit you quite much as you have a stunning picture frame. Cherrywood comes in a dark salmon to brown color and is considered a highly stain-absorbent wood type.

Being stain-absorbent means you can have your piece of wood absorb other colors to give it a different finished look. So, you won’t be stuck with just a single color. You can always experiment with different shades to make it pop. Also, cherry wood is one of the sturdiest pieces of wood.


Mahogany is commonly used to make shelves, cabinets, and floors. Some people also use mahogany while constructing the base of their beds. It’s often called an exquisite piece of wood as its overall finish is somewhat rustic and edgy.

Using mahogany to make your picture frame will benefit you plenty if you want the best quality. Here’s something ironic: the more expensive mahogany wood is, the easier it is to work with. So, once you’ve purchased mahogany, you will have an excellent time working with it as it’s a forgiving piece of wood.

Fishtail Oak

As the name suggests, this wood type has fish grains on its body, earning its name. Fishtail oak has become a common wood type for building different objects and is known to be a diverse piece of wood given its texture. This wood type can look even more colorful after staining it with different colors.

You should know fishtail oak is pretty stain-absorbent, so you won’t have difficulty painting it with different colors. However, it doesn’t have the most natural finish as other woods do. But overall, fishtail oak is a lucrative woodblock to invest in.


If you haven’t used padauk to make anything yet, you’re missing out. This wood type has a purplish red color, making it look distinctively unique from other wood types. So, if you’re looking for a wood piece that offers sturdiness and aesthetics, using padauk will be the way to go.

You should know it’s as heavy as oak but significantly more potent. Padauk is a versatile piece of wood due to its stain absorption. So, you can always stain with other colors too. Overall, it offers a highly lustrous finish, making it a popular wood to make objects from.

Quartersawn Oak

Quartersawn oak comes from white oak. You get quartersawn oak when you cut a chunk of white oak at specific angles. It differs from white oak as quartersawn oak reflects decorative rays on its surface. This makes this wood type a stunning wood to use.

Quartersawn oak is more expensive than white oak, given it offers more toughness, sturdiness, and density. The more waste is generated from white oak, the more you’ll find quartersawn oak. However, since it’s expensive, you may only invest in it if you have the budget.


Finally, walnut will be an excellent choice to go with when you’re making a picture frame. This woodblock comes in light and dark brown shades, giving off a rustic vibe. If that’s something that interests you, choosing walnut as your go-to for making your picture frame will be ideal.

This piece of wood is considered to offer plenty of strength and durability. It won’t decay as quickly as other wood types, making it a solid piece of wood to invest in. Hence, we recommend using walnut as a base for your picture frame as it won’t break apart, and you will not be disappointed.

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