Best Wood for RV Framing

A recreational vehicle or an RV is a vehicle used by many people as a trailer that comes with designed accommodation for living. It’s easy to afford and doesn’t require too much maintenance. People who prefer living outdoors enjoy living in their RVs. Also, an RV is the perfect vehicle to go on a road trip.

If you’re going to purchase an RV, you must ensure that its roof is sturdy and long-lasting. The framing of the RV must be made from the best quality wood as it’ll help you stay safe inside it. The stronger the RV’s frame, the safer you’ll be. Hence, you’ll have to search for an RV with the best quality framing.

This article will explain the importance of framing and a few best kinds of wood to make it.

The Importance of RV Framing

If you’re about to get an RV, you must understand the importance of its framing, as you’ll be spending plenty of time inside your RV.

The structure will determine the entire interior of your RV, including your doors, walls, windows, etc. So, this isn’t something you should ignore, especially if you’ve decided to get home on wheels. So, here are all the reasons the RV’s framing matters.

Maintains Value

The stronger the frame of the RV, the more its value. When you sell your RV (with sturdy framing), there’s a strong chance you’ll recover your money back and also earn a profit.

Hence, you must ensure your RV’s frame isn’t compromised, especially if you want to retain its original value. The more value your RV has, the more robust an asset it’ll be.

Sense of Security

When you know your RV has a decent structure on the inside, you’ll be sure about your safety. You won’t have to spend your time in doubt contemplating the consequences of the RV breaking apart from the inside. It’s vital to have a sense of security in your RV, primarily if you treat it as a home. Many people use RVs to house themselves, as it has become a common culture.

Overall Comfort

If your RV is your new home, you deserve to be comfortable in your space. This is one of the reasons the RV’s framing matters, as poor framing might not allow you to experience maximum comfort.

A poor structure can also make you lose balance when you walk inside, which isn’t the safest. So, no matter the time you’ve decided to spend in your RV, you must be comfortable.

Best Wood for RV Framing

The framing of your RV must be made from the best material, and wood is undoubtedly a decent option to consider. Wood doesn’t go obsolete that quickly, as compared to other materials.

So, you must choose the best quality wood when having your RV’s framing made. The better the quality, the longer you can house yourself in your RV. Let’s explore a few wood types considered best for RV framing.


Pine is one of the most accessible woods to work with due to its softness. Its softness will tell you that it belongs to the softwood family, and any woodworker will be happy to work with it. Since pinewood is soft, it works well with machines and even hands.

However, it would be best if you did not underestimate its sturdiness because of its softness. It’s one of those softwoods that provide the most sturdiness to whatever it’s used to make.

This makes pine a popular wood to use, especially for furniture-making. Hence, your RV’s framing will surely benefit from some pinewood.


Plywood is engineered wood with layers or “plies” of different woods glued together to make one particular piece of wood. This type of wood has grown immensely popular due to its benefits. Since it’s made from different woods, it offers varying benefits for each wood it’s made from.

This makes plywood a commonly used wood, whether it’s for furniture-making or home construction. More recently, plywood has become an integral piece of wood in numerous industrial processes.

You’ll find hardwood and softwood plywood, each with unique traits. We will undoubtedly suggest you use plywood (any kind) to build your RV’s internal structure.

Douglas Fir

If you want your RV’s skeleton made from a typical hardwood, Douglas fir should be your go-to. This piece of wood is a pretty hard hardwood, making it a little challenging to work with. Nonetheless, the benefits this wood provides are timeless.

Once you’ve used some fir to build your RV’s framing, you don’t have to worry about safety, as Douglas fir will guarantee sturdiness and durability.

There’s a reason why this wood is so prevalent in America, and that reason alone is sturdiness. We assure you; that you won’t be disappointed with this wood’s quality, as your RV will stay safe and sound.


Look no more if you’re looking for a hard piece of wood, as beech will provide your RV with the strength it requires. Beechwood is one of the hardest hardwoods, and many people use it when they want to build something unbreakable – this is how effective beechwood is.

It may be challenging to cut and penetrate holes, but you’ll realize how worthy investing in beechwood was once you figure that out. The sturdiness you’ll get from beechwood is unmatched, and the durability of this wood is also timeless. We suggest using beechwood for your RV’s framing as it’ll benefit you plenty.


Oak is one of the best and the most expensive woods you’ll find in the market. Many people choose oak as their choice of wood as it promises nothing but exceptional quality. Also, since oak falls into the hardwood category, its sturdiness is unmatched.

You’ll find many wooden items made from oak in many people’s houses if you look closely, which shows oak is commonly used. If you want your RV’s structure to be of the best quality, we suggest you go with oakwood; white, or red; it doesn’t matter. Oakwood will certainly not let you down regarding the quality and durability.

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