Best Wood for Utility Trailer Flooring

A utility trailer can be a helpful vehicle as it helps move things around significantly. Numerous things would’ve been impossible to transport if it weren’t for utility trailers. A utility trailer does everything from moving furniture to throwing out piles of debris and trash to transporting supplies (intercity and intracity).

Hence, a utility trailer must have the best flooring to bear such heavyweights. A utility trailer’s flooring says plenty about the trailer’s sturdiness. If it cracks because of some of the weights placed on it, it’s a clear-cut indication that you need to replace the flooring immediately.

Generally, wood is considered the best option for utility trailer flooring. Let’s see why that is and explore a few wood types regarded best for such trailers’ flooring.

Why Consider Wood for Utility Trailer Flooring?

Wood is considered the sturdiest material, so people opt for it instead of other materials. Wood has features other materials don’t, which is the main reason behind its immense popularity.

Whether it’s home construction, furniture building, or industrial use, people will use wood everywhere. Allow us to elaborate further on why you should use wood to construct your utility trailer’s flooring.


A utility trailer is known to have great uses, especially for transporting materials, and the flooring needs to be as sturdy as possible. For example, if the trailer’s floor cracks while transporting a massive piece of machinery from one point to another, it can cause damage to the whole trailer.

It can also cause an accident on the road, so please understand that the trailer’s floors must be hard and sturdy.


If you don’t want to replace the floors every few months, it is best to get wood to construct them. Wood is one of the most durable materials you’ll find. Once you’ve installed wooden floors, you won’t have to consider replacing them after a short while. Hence, it would be best to consider the longevity aspect and get wooden flooring for the utility trailer.


Leave it to the wooden floors for carrying all the heavyweight like a champ. No matter how heavy the objects are, you don’t have to worry about them breaking the floors or falling out of the trailer. Yes, you will have to know the trailer’s weight and ensure not to place objects heavier than the trailer. Overall, wood is a reliable material that won’t give you a hard time.


Wood can offer you numerous benefits, weather-resistant being one of them. Since the utility trailer will be on the road most of the time, the wooden floors are prone to sunlight and moisture.

Also, such trailers don’t have a roof, so they will further absorb all the heat energy. Most materials wear out quickly, but not wood. It adjusts itself not to get damaged by unpleasant weather conditions and sun exposure.

Best Wood for Utility Trailer Flooring

When you browse the wood family, you’ll find so many species and type that you’ll be severely confused. Since we don’t want you to be overwhelmed, we’ve made a list of the best wood types to help you have the sturdiest floors for your utility trailer. Each of these types offers numerous benefits that you will undoubtedly enjoy. So, let’s explore them one by one.


The harder the wood is, the better. Apitong is one such piece of wood as it’s considered one of the most exotic woods hailing from South East Asia. This wood type has exceptionally high density, making it an excellent reason to invest.

The denser the wood is, the more it’ll be held together as the fibers inside will give a more substantial bite. Also, Apitong has less moisture content, meaning it won’t shrink with time.

The moisture content in wood significantly matters as it determines what will happen to its quality over time. Overall, Apitong will benefit you plenty if you use it to construct the trailer’s floors.

Angelim Pedra

Angelim Pedra is another excellent piece of wood you can invest in. This wood type is an exotic hardwood that is highly durable and dense. These two reasons drive this wood’s popularity as it’s considered one of the best woods for flooring.

Another excellent feature Angelim Pedra comes with is rot-resistant. If you manage to get a wood that doesn’t rot away quickly, consider you’ve hit the jackpot. This wood type is prone to get eaten by insects and termites, so getting Angelim Pedra will serve you well.


This wood type is commonly used for trailer decking as it provides a great deal of sturdiness and durability. Many people regard purpleheart as one of the most valuable pieces of wood for installing floors.

If you want your floors to have exceptional strength, we suggest you immediately get purpleheart for your trailer’s floors. It won’t disappoint you and help you transport your supplies quickly. Also, purpleheart is known to last long, so you don’t have to worry about its longevity as it won’t wear out as soon as you’d think.

Douglas Fir

How can we not mention Douglas Fir if we’re speaking of hardwood? This piece of wood is known as one of the best hardwoods from the hardwood family, as it offers strength and sturdiness. Douglas Fir significantly contributes to home construction and furniture-making.

However, it’s also qualifiable for trailer decking. This piece of wood can be challenging to cut, though, due to its tough exterior. However, its quality is top-notch, so many people don’t think twice before opting for it. Douglas Fir will be a decent choice if you want reliability and sturdiness in your flooring.

White Oak

White oak is mainly used to make furniture pieces, but it has a great deal of sturdiness, so it’s also used to construct trailer floors. This is an expensive piece of wood, and for a good reason. It doesn’t compromise on quality as it’s pretty sturdy, which is the central aspect to consider.

Also, it has excellent finishing properties that give off great polish. White oak is known for its stunning appearance, contributing to its high price. Overall, this wood type will benefit your utility trailer’s flooring.

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