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When getting windows made for your house, you’ll have to look at different wood choices. You should know that wood for other items and wood for windows and doors vary significantly. So, if you think you know and understand wood, think again! It’s better to get a consultation before starting wood construction.

So, which kind of wood is perfect for windows? You’ll find many options in the market, but the best one will depend on your budget and style. Each wood type has a different look. So, be careful while picking out wood for your windows. We wouldn’t want you to regret it after spending a lot of money.

Hence, we made a list of the best wood types for your windows.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wood Type

Before we begin our list of the best wood types, we want to share a few tips that can help you choose the proper wood type for your windows. Selecting the suitable wood plays a significant role as your windows’ entire base and structure depend on it. So, without further ado, here are a few tips for choosing the right type of wood.

Strength Isn’t Everything

Many people think getting a sturdy piece of wood is everything. While this aspect may be true, it isn’t the only one you should focus on. You should know that if the window’s basic design isn’t suitable, the wood won’t work no matter how strong it is. So, your woodworker will have to construct a decent design for your window to last long.

Choose Easy-to-Use Woods

Some people prefer getting expensive wood as they think its offers all qualities a significant piece of wood should. However, costly wood varieties are mainly from the hardwood family, making them difficult to work with. So, we suggest getting a piece of wood that your carpenter will find easy to work with. The easier a piece of wood is, the more consistent your windows will be.

Rot-Resistance is Key

Whenever you buy wood, please ensure it has rot-resisting qualities. Wood is prone to get eaten by insects and termites unless it’s highly rot-resistant. So, whenever you’re out shopping for wood, it would be best to ask for the wood to be rot-resistant. The more rot-resistant your piece of wood is, the longer it’ll last.

Preserving Wood Is Essential

You must know that you will have to treat your wood with chemical material if you want it to last. Doing so will help you have a sturdy piece of wood. All organic materials need protection from rot, decay, and rust. So, preserving them in the best way is essential. We recommend you use active fungicides along with a water repellant to protect it.

Best Wood for Windows

Since you know a few essential tips for choosing the best wood for your windows, it’s now time to know which wood type will work perfectly in your windows’ construction. All these woods have unique features and will serve you well if you decide to go with them. Let’s explore these wood types one by one to see how efficient they are.


We suggest using Accoya to build your windows like no other wood can beat this piece of wood for strength and durability. The best part about this wood type is that it offers extreme stability and insulation, making it a pretty good wood choice.

Also, Accoya is known as one of the best tropical woods, so it’ll benefit you plenty if you use this wood type to make your windows. It’s a relatively softer wood than other woods; hence, working with it will be easy.

Red Grandis

This piece of wood offers numerous benefits, environmentally friendly being one of them. It belongs to the Eucalyptus family, and it’s significantly known to aid in window-making. Red grandis falls under the hardwood family, making it durable and sturdy.

Yes, it’ll be more challenging to cut than other softwoods. However, the quality it offers will, nonetheless, be top-notch. So, if you want to invest in a wood that gives you longevity, we suggest you go with red grandis, which you will certainly not regret.


This piece of wood is known as one of the most expensive yet worthwhile woods. Many people prefer choosing oak as their choice of wood due to its majestic look and excellent finishing properties.

So, if you can afford to invest in oakwood, we suggest you go with it to make your windows. You won’t be disappointed by its quality as it offers plenty of sturdiness and durability. Also, oakwood is easy to stain. So, you can experiment by staining it with different colors.


Another excellent choice to go with is mahogany. This piece of wood falls under the hardwood family and will suit you well as the benefits it offers are significant. It has a regal look to it, making your windows have character.

Also, the finishing properties are too brilliant to ignore. However, since mahogany is hardwood, you should know it’ll be expensive. So, if you have the required budget to afford mahogany, we recommend working with this piece of wood to make your windows.


If you want light-colored windows, ash is the piece of wood for you. It has refined grains with a smooth texture and an attractive look. Since ash is aesthetically pleasing, it’s commonly used worldwide in furniture making.

Ashwood is pretty durable as it lasts longer than you think, with the bonus of being lightweight. Another thing you should know about ashwood is that it stains relatively better than other woods, making it an excellent wood to work with.

Our Final Thoughts

Working with different wood varieties to make windows will give you a different result. So, we suggest you look into choosing an appropriate wood for your windows if you don’t want to regret it in the future. The woods mentioned above are all unique in their ways, offering numerous benefits that will help you have the most gorgeous-looking windows.

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