Best woodwork Measuring Tools

Remember when we used to learn to draw geometrical diagrams and objects with the help of a math box. The box consisted of a plastic ruler, protractor, set squares, and a compass and divider. The measuring techniques that we practice in geometry are actually the basics of carpentry. Measuring is one of the rudimentary elements of the woodwork.

Keeping measuring tools in functioning and optimum conditions is crucial because even a minute variation can cause structural issues like improper balance or inaccurate design. We rounded up the six best measuring tools for woodworking that can measure to the highest precision and are user-friendly.

Precision Router Table Set Up


Best woodwork Measuring Tools

Suppose you are a professional carpenter or committed to woodwork as a hobby. In that case, you will need a precision router table set up. It is an all-in-one table system for precision routing. With a customized adjustable steel stand and durable, high-performance tabletop with a precision insert plate system, the table set-up provides all the versatility needed in your workstation.

This compatible and multifunctional model is available online for around 600 USD. It is a high price, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime payment for your profession’s commitment.

Electronic Digital Caliper


Digital calipers are the advanced form of simple vernier calipers. They are easier to use and have auto-adjustable scales. The digital calipers can measure a length up to 0.01 mm with precision and accuracy, making them one of the essential tools for woodworkers. A digital caliper is not only used to measure small lengths, but it can also measure the inner and outer diameter and depth of small circular objects.

You can find this product on Amazon for under 130 dollars and use it for years.

Digital Protractor


Instead of using the plastic protractor with more chances of human error, use a digital protractor to measure angles between wood planks. The digital protractor has an accuracy of -0.1 degrees. The range of the digital protractor is complete 360 degrees, and the LCD gives a clear number for the angle on the screen.

You can find this lightweight and user-friendly product on Amazon for under 300 dollars.

L-Square Ruler Set


L-square set is a must in your tool cupboard. Without L-squares rulers, no woodwork can be level and precise. It comes in handy where the framing of wood is required, and also it works as a marker for 90-degree angles as well.

With an L-square ruler, you can measure the accuracy of the setting of walls, boxing, and doors for the kitchen cabinets—all under a small price of 14 USD.

Center finder


Usually, finding the center on the board or punching same hole with proportionate dimensions can become a hectic task. Instead of drilling holes in the wrong places, invest in a center marking tool that can make your life easier in just under 6 USD only.

Combination square


A combination square is used to mark lines with different angles with adjustable sliding ruler that an make parallel marking and alignment easier for you. The cost of this tool is around 10 USD which is pretty reasonable considering it works for years once bought.

If you are looking for measuring tools that can be gifted to your carpenter of woodworker friends of associates then we would recommend you to go for a combination square, or a digital caliper. Both are extremely useful and budget friendly.

Wrap Up: Our Final Verdict

It is essential that a carpenter uses the latest and modified tools to measure the workpieces he makes. Measurements are fundamentals of building houses, workplaces, schools, and any other place. Not just any instruments, always look for those which are accepted by international standards because the lives of many people depend on how you create your piece.

Always do your research for any other instruments that are not mentioned above, we recommend going through all the manuals thoroughly provided by the manufacturers.

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