Best Woodworking Apps

This is the era of mobile phones, and the accessibility of these devices has led to the designing of thousands of applications. These applications serve a myriad of functions, and are suitable for many different types of people and professionals – woodworkers included.

As more and more people are stepping into the world of woodworking and DIY projects, these woodworking apps are proving to be invaluable. From tips and tutorials to plans and podcasts, woodworking applications offer a wealth of relevant information. In this blog, we will discuss a few of these apps.

Best Woodworking Apps:

1) Measure:

If you have tried to measure stuff around your house or workspace (which, we are pretty sure, most woodwork enthusiasts have), you know how frustrating and complicated it can be. You have to walk all around the room while holding a measuring tape, all the while trying to avoid bumping into bookshelves or tripping over slippers or wires.

Best Woodworking Apps

This is the time when you pray for an app that you could use to measure stuff through their phones – if so, your prayers have been answered. Measure is an app that is incredibly easy to use, and can measure pretty much every day-to-day item.

2) Planner 5D Interior Design:

The second app on this list is immensely comprehensive, and covers everything from renovation and remodeling, to building from scratch. This app can be used to create 3D or 2D plans, and offers a 3000-item catalog containing household items, appliances, and furniture.

Through Planner 5D, users can create extremely detailed models of their projects. The app also has a Snapshot option, which makes these models more realistic by adding elements like shadows, textures, and lighting. iPad users can even benefit from the Apple Pencil and give their creations a more artistic vibe.

3) Bubble Level:

Bubble levels are inexpensive, small devices that contain air bubbles inside a windowed capsule. Upon tilting the capsule, the bubbles shift up and down until they are in line with the force of gravity acting on the liquid.

Bubble Level, the app, is surprisingly accurate. All you need to do is place your phone on any flat surface, and let the little virtual bubble tell you the surface level with incredible precision. This is an excellent app for woodworkers at all skill levels.

4) Metal Detector:

Metal Detector is an app that contains a magnetic sensor, and allows you to measure the strength of the magnetic field. Initially, the app might seem a bit complicated, but things will get significantly easier once you familiarize yourself with the interface and features. Upon opening this app and moving your phone around, you will be able to observe the fluctuations in the magnetic field.

This app can be used to identify underground iron pipes, or electric wires present behind walls. One thing to note is that the accuracy of Metal Detector will depend upon the magnetic sensor, and can therefore be impacted by the electromagnetic waves generated by computers or TVs in your house. The pro version of this app comes with extra features like GPS location share-ability, compass, and no advertisements.

5) CutList Optimizer:

Making exquisite wood panels requires a woodworker to master the art of cutting. Since wood sheets are generally available in certain sizes, precisely cutting the wood often becomes very difficult. With CutList Optimizer, though, you can work up the optimal cutting pattern for your woodworks.

What makes this app so good is its dedication towards wood cutting. While you will find hundreds of generic apps for serving the same purpose, CutList Optimizer is perhaps the only one that has a specific, singular objective behind it.

6) Handyman Calculator:

This is another simple yet useful tool for any professional or hobbyist woodworker. Handyman Calculator contains a host of essential calculators, including density calculators and fractional calculators. You can also calculate the rebar weight and arc length, and use the conversion tool to obtain unit conversions.

The app also lets users change the text size, font, and color. The pro version contains an even longer list of features, including Air Conditioning (considers the population and room size to calculate the BTU requirements), Gutters, Curbs, Concrete Steps, Metal Density Charts, Drill Size Charts, Deck Board Calculator (will calculate the number of required boards), Oil Pressure, Water Flow Rate, and LED Resistors.

7) Moblo:

If you are designing furniture for the first time, Moblo is the friend and guide that you want by your side. The app offers a drag-and-drop feature that you can use to place every possibility in room view.

Through a 3D overview, Moblo lets you see how your design will appear in real life. You can even go a step further and test the design through augmented reality using nothing but your phone. If you wanted a tool that could help you translate your innovative ideas into tangible furniture models, Moblo is certainly worth checking out.

8) Homestyle Interior Design:

In terms of app efficiency, Homestyle Interior Design is pretty much unrivaled. This app is extremely useful for anyone in the middle of (or considering) building or remodeling. The important thing to know is that all features on this app are free of cost, and each of them can help you come up with effective interior designs.

You can use this app to design your dream home project. Homestyle makes it possible to complete DIY designs, remodel rooms, and build an interior design catalogue and profile, amongst many other things. This app also lets users connect with the design community and seek out new ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for their projects.

9) Toolbox:

The Toolbox app is a combination of a decibel meter, stopwatch, barometer, and an altimeter. This fun and free toolset app lets users perform 13 different functions, making it an essential smart-phone presence for every handyman and carpenter.

Apart from that, the app delivers a beautiful design and an intuitive interface.

Our Final Thoughts:

To sum up, smart-phone apps are helping more and more people with their jobs and tasks. If you are a woodworker looking for the best woodworking apps, we hope that you found this guide useful for your purpose.

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