Best Woodworking Gifts

There are a wide range of woodworking products and tools available in the market, which can make it hard for you to pick the best woodworking gifts for a loved one. One way to choose the best gift is to take a peek at the recipient’s list of pending projects. But, since that is not always possible, we have come up with this list of woodworking gift ideas that will appeal to all kinds of woodworkers, ranging from novices to those woodworkers who have become masters of their craft.

Best Woodworking Gifts:

1) Stainless Steel Ruler:

A ruler is one of the simplest but most versatile and essential tools for a woodworker. A handy and accurate stainless steel ruler can be useful for conducting different types of woodworking measurements. You could even gift a pair of rulers, in which case your wood junkie might be able to use one for measuring, and keep the other for open boxes or containers.

2) Mechanical Pencil:

A regular pencil works fine for tasks involving basic marking. However, for tighter or more awkward places, a woodworker will need a mechanical pencil with a narrow tip. Several mechanical pencils also contain sharpeners in their handle.

Best Woodworking Gifts

We recommend choosing a high-visibility shade (yellow, for example) so that the pencil is hard to misplace during work.

3) Calipers Measuring Tool:

If your loved one is one of those woodworkers who pay particular attention to detail, they will appreciate a digital, battery-driven caliper. This tool allows you to measure both outside and inside diameters, as well as the step and depth. Pressing a single button will reset the caliper to zero, and the user can make a new measurement at any of the scale points.

These calipers often come with large LCD screens, making it easy for users to read the measurements. Another desirable feature of modern caliper measuring tools is the auto-save feature, which automatically turns off the tool when you have not used it for a while, thereby saving battery power.

4) Quad Trimmer:

Edge-banding plywood, if done right, is one of the best ways to enhance the styling and look of a plywood piece. A good quad trimmer can quickly trim edge bandings, no matter how uneven.

5) Permanent Marker:

Another versatile woodworking tool, a permanent marker can be used on many different surfaces, including wood, metal, and even wet or damp surfaces. Choose a marker with a bright exterior so that it is easy to find if the marker falls out of the recipient’s pocket.

A good permanent marker allows woodworkers to keep track of their measurements, and also depend upon the marker’s free-flowing ink.

6) Block Plane:

A block plane is a small handheld blade that can be used for a wide range of purposes, ranging from working on wood finishes to touching up the work pieces. This is an extremely popular woodworking tool, and will make an excellent gift.

An effective block plane allows you to break the edges of milled wood, clean up joinery, and trim veneer.

7) Tool Bag:

A tool bag is a brilliant gift option for any woodworker who prioritizes order and organization, and wants to keep all their most important tools in a single place. Most tool bags offer numerous exterior and interior pockets for placing individual items, and also contain a central compartment for assortments.

You should choose a bag with a metal internal frame, as it makes the bag accessible and avoids a collapse.

8) Earbuds:

To absolutely no one’s surprise, working with deafening nail guns, drills, and saws can be terribly hard on the ears. If you have observed your beloved woodworker complaining about the same, you should consider gifting them a pair of earbuds that offer active noise cancellation. Such earbuds make use of the most sophisticated technologies to considerably reduce external noises. Go for a fast-charge option, so that the buds can last for several hours with just a few minutes of charging.

Every time your loved one makes a strong headway on their project without wanting to yank their ears out, they will thank you.

9) Dust Mask Respirator:

Sanders and power saws can form irritants and harmful dust, which makes a dust mask respirator an invaluable possession for any woodworker.

Go for an option that is made of soft (and not rigid) material, and will be light enough to be worn comfortably throughout the working day.

10) Brayer:

A brayer is a useful tool for any woodworker who uses glue for their projects. Brayers are available in a number of sizes: the small ones can be used to glue the board edges, while the larger brayers are useful for gluing the veneers or the board faces.

11) Tape Compass:

Let’s face it – very few of us, woodworkers or not, possess the innate ability to carve out the perfect circle. If your gift recipient belongs to this huge category, and does not want to play around with compasses, a tape compass might be exactly what they are looking for. A compass tape allows you to measure the precise radius of their circular drawings, while the pin located in the center of the compass ensures a perfect, even circle.

12) Silicone Working Mat:

While using smaller parts, a working mat can prove to be a lifesaver for a woodworker. These mats come with numerous small pockets that allow the users to keep track of their screws or tacks.

Also, such silicone mats are easy to stick to a bench but, at the same time, are easy to remove once done with the work.

13) Magnetic Wristbands:

If you are looking for a smart but inexpensive way to make your woodworker’s job easier and safer, look no further than a magnetic wristband. These wristbands come with strong magnets that can attract and attach all the screws or nails that a woodworker might require for a particular section of their project.

This gift will fetch a big, toothy smile from your recipient – especially since they will no longer have to use their teeth to hold nails.

Our Final Thoughts:

Before choosing a gift for your loved one, consider if they are a novice woodworker or an expert; pay attention to the kind of projects they will work on in the near future; and if you can incorporate a special memory or an inside joke to make the gift more meaningful. We hope that this guide served as a useful reference point for anyone looking for woodworking gift options.

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