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Instead of asking about the best woodworking knife, a better question to ask would be, ‘which woodworking knife is the best for me’. This is because the best choice of knife will differ from woodworker to woodworker, based on their hand size, level of experience, and carving style.

There are plenty of woodworking knife options that are available, and the key is to separate the premium from the poor. And to help you do that, this guide will cover some of the best woodworking knives that are currently available on the market.

4 Best Woodworking Knives

1) Morakniv Wood Carving Knife (ASIN – B005IW5YN8):

The first item on this best woodworking knife review guide is one from Morakniv, offering a 3.2-inch laminated steel blade. The blade is stiff and durable, and is accompanied by a birch-wood oiled handle. This is a good option for both soft and hard wood, and can be used for any whittling, greenwood, or wood carving ideas that you might have.

Best knife for woodworking.

The knife, in total, is 7.5 inches in length, and has a weight of over 2 ounces. The handle is extremely ergonomic, and can be used for long periods on end without any fatigue or discomfort. Moreover, the finely-pointed tip allows for precise and accurate cuts, not to mention that there is a negligible amount of drift (if even that). You will find that this knife hardly ever leads to any missed cuts.

This Sweden-made woodworking knife is ideal for woodworkers of all levels, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals. Also, the knife is rust-resistant, will maintain the razor-sharp edge, and will take a long time to start dulling.

2) FlexCut Cutting Knife (ASIN – B000ZRZQ1G):

This knife is one of the most dynamic carving knives around. The FlexCut Cutting Knife has also been aptly named, since it does not fall into any typical knife description.

With a short (1.25 inches) and slightly curved blade, one might feel that this knife has been designed as a bench knife and can be used in chip carving. But, the high carbon-steel content means that this knife is also extremely strong, and can therefore be used to make sweeping, long cuts.

To put it simply, this is a phenomenally versatile carving knife. Hence, if you are a beginner woodworker and are not sure about the type of woodcarving tasks that you want to undertake, this knife is an excellent option for you.

However, this does not mean that the knife is not suitable for pros – seasoned woodworkers can certainly use the FlexCut cutting knife, as long as they are not indulging in excessively heavy woodworking. If you stick to softwoods, this knife will certainly not let you down.

3) Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin’ (ASIN – B06XRDZ61M):

Third on this list is the Old Time 24OT Splinter Carvin’ knife, with a total length of 6 inches and a weight of 3.9 ounces. With this knife, not only do you get the durability of high-carbon steel, but you also get a number of other useful features like a chisel, gouge scorp, v-scorp, hook blade, straight gouge, and nail poles. The multi-tool has been constructed without any locks, and also offers a saw-cut handle.

This product is excellent for woodworking, hiking, hunting, and camping, amongst other things. However, the one drawback is that you will not be able to comfortably hold the Old Timer for extended periods of time. Having said that, the back of the knife has been treated with heat, which promises a strong grip, and makes sure that the blade does not slip out of your hands. The high-carbon steel ensures that the knife does not rust easily. All in all, if you are a beginner or moderate woodworker, carver, or whittler, this knife is certainly worth considering.

One thing to keep in mind is that, compared to other whittling knife blades, the Old Timer blade might require more frequent sharpening. Also, the blade will drift from time to time, which means that the odd mistake is not entirely out of the question. On the plus side, the slim, fine tip ensures precise and detailed cuts, and the knife can be used on both soft and hard woods.

4) Mora Companion (ASIN – B004ZAIXSC):

The Mora Companion knife series is extremely versatile, and one of the most popular around the world. The series offers many different kinds of knives, which means that any woodworker or woodcarver can find one that meets their needs.

However, in this list, we will be talking about the Military Green knife from this series. The blade of this whittling knife has been created using high-carbon steel and has been attached directly into the handle, thereby quenching any doubts about the handle becoming loose.

With a Scandinavian grind, the knife can be used to slice through pretty much any kind of wood present on this planet. Thanks to the ¾ tang, the blade offers plenty of strength and durability, meaning that the user can use the knife with total peace of mind. The edge, just like the edges of every Mora carbon steel blade, will hold wonderfully well.

The knife has a consistent sharpness, and can be used to cut wood into multiple ribbon pieces. Whittlers, meanwhile, can use the Companion for their heavy-duty tasks.

In addition, if you want to make technical cuts, you can easily manipulate the blade to be able to do so. Speaking of the blade, it has a width of 2.1mm and a length of 4.1 inches. At 2.7 ounces of weight, the knife is extremely lightweight and easy to carry.

The handle, too, is quite impressive, and is made of rubber to provide strong and easy handling. It effectively absorbs shock, and can be held securely.

Our Final Thoughts:

To sum up, choosing the best woodworking knife requires you to consider your experience and skill level, as well as the traits and qualities of the knife itself. If you were looking for a knife for your woodworking endeavors, we hope that this guide proved useful to you.

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