How Much Does a Chainsaw Cost?

As is the case with most other woodworking products, there are a number of chainsaw brands that you can choose from. However, if you are purchasing a chainsaw for the first time, you need to have an idea about the average price so that you do not end up overpaying (or underpaying and compromising on quality).

For this reason, this guide will be covering the average prices of chainsaws based on factors such as brand, size, and source of power. In addition, we will also talk about the prices of the most important chainsaw accessories.

How Much Does a Chainsaw Cost?

When it comes to chainsaw price, you have to consider factors like length, maximum power, and the source of power. Generally, you can buy one of the shorter saws (between 8 and 14 inches) for around $60 to $200. However, these chainsaws are normally only usable for hedge trimming or lawn jobs, and might not be suitable for woodworking tasks.

How Much Does a Chainsaw Cost

As a woodworker, you want a stronger, longer, and high-end chainsaw, which can cost you around $300 to $600. If you do not intend to use your chainsaw for very intensive tasks, you can buy one in the midrange of $200 and $400.

Chainsaw Price According to Brand

Like we mentioned, there are a lot of brands that sell chainsaws. However, the brands leading the chainsaw market are Black and Decker, Stihl, Husqvarna, and DeWalt. Remington and Greenworks, too, are quite popular, but they belong to the second tier of chainsaw brands.

Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws are probably the most expensive, and can cost you at least $300, and at most $600 and beyond. However, there is no doubt that these brands offer the highest quality chainsaws.

Buyers who are looking for decent quality but are on a tighter budget can go for Black and Decker. A Black and Decker chainsaw can cost you anywhere between $80 and $180, depending on the chainsaw length.

Chainsaw Price According to Size

Size is another factor that determines the price of a chainsaw. The smallest chainsaws (8 to 10 inches) can be bought for around $90 to $100. At the opposite end of the size spectrum are the largest chainsaws that go up to and beyond 20 inches. These chainsaws, on average, will cost you between $220 and $240.

There is no perfect chainsaw size, and the right size will depend upon the kind of tasks that you want to use the saw for. If you want to perform some modest woodworking jobs, you can go for a chainsaw that is 14-inches or less. On the other hand, if you are a full-fledged professional woodworker, you might want a chainsaw that is at least 16 inches in length.

Below is a table summarizing the average chainsaw price according to size:

Size of Chainsaw Average Price
10 inches $90 to $100
12 inches $130 to $150
16 inches $160 to $180
20 inches $220 to $240

Chainsaw Price According to the Source of Power

As far as chainsaw power sources go, the two main options are gas and electricity. An electric saw can be bought for around $70 to $100, while a gas chainsaw will cost you more than $200 on average. DeWalt, Black and Decker, Stihl, and Husqvarna manufacture gas chainsaws. On the other hand, the best brand of electric chainsaws is probably Worx.

Once again, there is no right choice between electricity and gas, and it depends upon what you are trying to achieve with the chainsaw. For quicker, less intensive jobs, an electric chainsaw will work just fine. On the other hand, more extensive and intensive projects will probably require a gas-driven chainsaw.

Also, if this is the first time that you will be operating a chainsaw –or if you do not have much experience with gas-driven woodworking items – we recommend going for an electric chainsaw at this stage.

An electric chainsaw is easier to start, and will help you avoid the hassle of mixing gas with oil. Also, gas chainsaws are heavier, which means that they can lead to arm fatigue, especially if you need to hold the chainsaw for extended periods of time.

The price plus the convenience makes electric chainsaws very desirable, especially for beginner or inexperienced woodworkers.

Gas chainsaws, alongside being better for heavy-duty tasks, will not confine you to a certain area (which will be the case if you use a corded electric chainsaw). Other than that, you will not have to worry about the battery running out – as long as you have a gas supply, you will be able to work for as long as you want.

How much do Chainsaw Accessories Cost?

When you buy a chainsaw, you will also have to buy certain chainsaw accessories sooner or later. One of the most common of these accessories is the replacement chainsaw, which you will require once your original chainsaw chain starts to wear off and degrade. Thankfully, compared to chainsaws, the replacement chains are fairly inexpensive – you can get a decent one for as low as $10.

A second important chainsaw accessory is the sharpener that is used to sharpen the blades of the saw. Just like the chains wear down and become weaker with time, the saw blades, too, can dull with continued and long-term use.

By having a quality sharpener in your armory, you will be able to use the same chainsaw blades for many years to come.

A sharpener will cost you slightly more than a replacement chain, but it is still pretty cheap compared to the chainsaw itself. A good-quality blade sharpener will cost you anywhere between $30 and $50.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum up, the answer to the question, ‘how much does a chainsaw cost’, is not a straightforward one. There are a lot of variations in chainsaw prices, depending upon the brand, size, power, and power source that you opt for.

Before deciding on a particular chainsaw, it is important that you consider the chainsaw’s intended use, the specific features that you are looking for, and your budget.

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