How Much Does a Framing Nailer Cost?

If you’ve taken significant projects like remodeling your home, you’ll need heavy equipment to allow you to do so. Equipment like framing nailer is essential as it lets you take on heavy-duty projects. Framing nailers are also super durable, making them last longer throughout the years.

Framing nailers are mainly used for heavy projects and aren’t the right tool for small, delicate tasks. So, only get a framing nailer if you have a tedious task ahead. The range is quite vast if we speak about a framing nailer’s price. That’s because different framing nailers have different prices.

The question here arises which one should you buy? Let’s look at different types of framing nailers and their prices.

How Much Does a Framing Nailer Cost?

The price of a framing nailer depends on many factors. You’ll find a $170 framing nailer and even a $500 one. The price range is dependent on the qualities and traits each framing nailer will offer. Also, the brand you’re purchasing from. Some brands have a higher reputation, so their prices are automatically higher.

The type of framing nailer you should get depends on the project you need it for. Framing nailers are generally used for high-scale remodeling projects. You’ll find them on construction sites and home renovations. So, if you need a framing nailer for such projects, you should set aside specific funds to purchase it.

Framing Nailers: What to Consider?

If it’s your first time purchasing a framing nailer, we suggest you take someone with you to guide you on the factors you should be considering. A framing nailer will offer you many benefits, but are they relevant to your project? So, what factors do you need to consider to ensure you get the right framing nailer? Let’s explore them one by one.

Power Source

While shopping for a framing nailer, you’ll have to consider its power source. Framing nailers have an unlimited runtime, but it can be challenging to drag around the air hose and compressor. You’ll find gas-fueled framing nailers and also battery-powered ones. However, the latter can be pretty expensive, so invest wisely.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that framing nailers come in different sizes. The bigger the size, the more power it’ll have, making it more expensive. Also, you must be aware of what your project requires. Will a small framing nailer suffice for the job, or would you need a much bigger one to take on more extensive tasks? Once you have an answer, you can proceed with your purchase.


Another thing to consider while buying a framing nailer is its body. How well is it built? Is it sturdy and durable? Or is it fragile? Ideally, an excellent framing nailer should have a magnesium or aluminum body. Will it cost more? Possibly. Will it be more beneficial? A hundred percent yes. So, it would be best if you bought a framing nailer with a sturdy exterior.

Different Types of Framing Nailers to Consider

Since now you know the factors that make a great framing nailer, you should also learn about the different types. You’ll find many brands in the market, all priced differently. The one you choose should be the most practical for you. So, let’s explore a few different types of framing nailers to give you a clear idea of what you may need.

Metabo HPT NR90AES1 Framing Nailer

This framing nailer will work perfectly, offering excellent quality at a low price. You’ll find it between $160-$170, and we assure you; that you won’t be disappointed by its quality. This Metabo framing nailer weighs only 7.5 pounds, making it relatively lightweight.

It comes with a tool-less depth adjustment, allowing you to sink as many nails as you want deep into whatever you’re using it on. You can achieve your desired depth as the nails are easy to sink. Another thing you will find beneficial is that it comes with safety glasses, making it more convenient to work.

Metabo HPT NR83A5 Pneumatic Framing Nailer

The best part about this framing nailer by Metabo is that it offers maximum productivity with not much user effort. What else can you ask for in a framing nailer? This HPT NR83A5 pneumatic framing nailer has an actuation trigger, allowing you to switch from contact to sequential nailing and vice versa.

This feature will save you plenty of time throughout the project. Also, this framing nailer comes with a non-slip rubber grip, ensuring the nailer doesn’t slip from your hand as it’s balanced appropriately. It’s priced at $270; however, you might find it for $300 at some other places.

Paslode 906300 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

You should consider buying this framing nailer by Paslode because of its maximum mobility. It offers plenty of that, but it does so without sacrificing any power. The fuel cells present in this framing nailer prevent any noise typically arising from the air compressor.

This framing nailer will make your project pretty convenient, as the battery is super strong, producing 9,000 nails per charge. You’ll find this framing nailer for $500, which may sound like a lot, but it’s completely worth it if you ask us. Overall, you’ll benefit plenty from this framing nailer, so we suggest you consider bringing it home.

BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head Framing Nailer

The best part about this framing nailer is it’s lightweight. It weighs just 4.17 pounds, making it easy to hold and use. Also, the lightweight is combined with the solid rubber grip, enabling you to use it to the best of your ability.

These two features prevent arms and shoulder fatigue, making this framing nailer a dream to work with. This framing nailer by BOSTITCH is highly practical for long projects, as it won’t allow you to experience physical stress.

Many people who avoid hand fatigue love working with this framing nailer. Overall, this nailer will serve you pretty well, allowing you to complete your project successfully. Its price is ranged from $250 to $300.

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