How to Maintain a Router Table

Everyone likes to get their money worth when buying power tools but many people forget to maintain their tools correctly which costs them a substantial amount more in the long run than if they had serviced their equipment.

Money saved is as good as money earnt

Router tables are in the higher price bracket so it’s worth looking after your investment by completing some preventative maintenance.

Whether it is about cutting bevels or grooves, the router is the best tool for the job.

Routers are often used with a router table by the operator to improve accuracy and help keep the router stable.

Visual Inspection of the Router Table

The first check on the list is always the same for every Power tool or machinery, turn off the power to the equipment, and then carry out a visual inspection.
This is the most common method of finding any problems that may arise before they have happened.

how to maintain a router table

Look for anything that doesn’t look right and cracked or damaged parts looking closely at all the components that are visible to the eye.

Router Table Maintenance

In order to keep the router table in good functioning condition it is necessary to maintain it regularly this will prevent most problems before they even start to become a problem and save you time and money.

Before you start any maintenance work always unplug the power to prevent any nasty surprises.

Router Table Surface

It is a good to remove the sawdust from the table on a regular basis as this builds up really quickly when you are using a router.

Try to get in the tight gaps or any openings in the router table base that allows a build-up of wood dust.

While cleaning the table surface, you may use a vacuum cleaner to remove the majority of dust and debris.

Take a cloth and wipe the table gently once you have removed the bulk of the sawdust with the vacuum cleaner.

You can also wipe the base plate with a dry cloth to remove any stubborn debris that has attached itself to that.

Base Plate and Router Bit

The router bit and base plate are the two very important components of this tool.

Your router will function much better if you keep your router bits sharp.

  1. Apply lubricating oil on the router bits and it will last longer and cut better
  2. Wipe away the excess oil and leave your router bits for some time for the oil to penetrate
  3. Check the router bits for any signs of wear and tear. Replace the bits if necessary
  4. Remove sawdust from the router bits before you take off the collet
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove sawdust from the surface of the router
  6. Remove your router table fence and clean the table
  7. Take away pieces of wood while cleaning the table
  8. Remove the base plate and dry-wipe it
  9. Pull apart the cutting bit assembly
  10. Assemble all the parts of the router on the table

How to Maintain Router Table Fence

There are two types of router table fences- the solid and split fence. The split fence is the most commonly used of the 2 types.

  • Here is how to maintain the fence
  • Remove the fasteners
  • Pull apart the pieces of the fence and check them for any tear or wear. If you find any problem with the pieces, make sure you replace them or repair them
  • Apply a bit of lubricant on the fasteners in order to prevent tear or damages.
  • Remove the sawdust and clean your router table fence properly
  • Once you clean the fence, assemble all the router parts correctly
  • Installing a router is not that easy as it sounds. A minor mistake on your part may lead to you damaging it
  • If you are unsure of how to fix the router table you should consult an expert as they have years of experience or you can contact the manufacturer if it is still in warranty

Using Lubricant and Rust Prevention Product

One of the best ways to prevent the moving parts from deteriorating before its time is to use a rust prevention product and lubricant.

Remove the springs and clean them before you apply dry lubricant products on them.

Look in the manufacturer’s manual for your router table and see what lubricant is suitable for you to use.

Router Table Frame

If your router table is a metal-framed one or one that uses bolts to secure it together then it is worth checking the tightness of those bolts from time to time because there is a lot of vibration from the router cutting into the wood and this can cause nuts and bolts to become a bit loose in time.

PAT Test

If you are using power tools in a professional capacity then you will need to have your equipment PAT tested at regular intervals to ensure you are abiding by the law.

Router Table Safety

Router bits spin so quickly that they demand constant attention from the woodworkers. A minor mistake from your part may lead to injuries. Below are some easy tips on how to work safely with the wood router.

  1. Unplug your router while changing the bit
  2. Use hearing protection and safety glasses when you work on the router table
  3. Use push sticks and feather board for the safety of your fingers

Before you start working with this tool, do not forget to inspect it properly along with the router table.

This will help you find any problems with it before you start operating it.

Our Final Thoughts

Well, regular maintenance is the key to a long-lasting and well functional router table. So make sure, you take proper care of this tool and maintain it regularly. If you keep it in good condition, you will be able to handle your wood projects in the best possible ways. Clean it routinely so that it functions well. If you find any issue, make sure you repair it.

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