Ridgid vs Porter Cable Power Tools

Ridgid vs Porter-Cable power tools – which brand should you go for?

If you are on a quest for good power tools that will meet your budget, you may be considering some leading names in the industry like Ridgid and Porter-Cable. Since you will have to choose between them, you should read this guide to find out which brand is right for your needs.

Ridgid vs Porter-Cable Power Tools – Quality

Both of these power tool brands appear to be at par with the market standard for casual users.

Ridgid power tool

Ridgid tools are quite decent in terms of build and quality. They may not be the best in quality, but they aren’t bad either. Ridgid tool users will largely agree that the brand is more than adequate for casual and occasional use.

Hence, it will suit DIY enthusiasts and homeowners who need these power tools every now and then. They can handle smaller jobs with finesse. Even bigger DIY tasks are not an issue.

Having said that, it must be pointed out that Ridgid power tools may not be the best for heavy-duty industrial use, especially in the professional setting that calls for daily use of power tools in the toughest conditions.

Experienced handymen prefer tools by Milwaukee, DeWalt and Makita. However, you will still find some professionals who prefer using the Ridgid brand for their day-to-day work.

On the whole, Ridgid tools are durable and long-lasting especially if they are subjected to sporadic or casual use. Power tool quality also seems to be above par with Ridgid.

All of this is reasonable considering the fairly low price point. In other words, DIYers, homeowners, and hobbyists get great value for money by using Ridgid casually.

Bear in mind that Ridgid tools are manufactured in China. Although consumers don’t normally associate top-class quality with the Made in China tag, Ridgid seems to have maintained quality at its Chinese facilities.

So even though its products come from China, they are still at par with some of the best in the business. In particular, customers are very pleased with the cordless power tools that the brand makes.

Porter-Cable meanwhile is just about as good as Ridgid. It seems to offer more or less the same level of quality as the latter. Porter-Cable tools are normally considered to be good enough for light casual use, much like Ridgid, so not much difference here in the quality department.

The two brands hence have comparable quality with no significant difference between them. Porter-Cable offers its power tools for sales on online platforms like Amazon and stores like Lowe’s home improvement.

Porter-Cable tools are renowned for their functionality, lightness, and satisfactory reliability. Although these may not be the very best and the most durable, they are certainly adequate for light use.

Experienced handymen will concur that Porter-Cable tools do quite well when they are subjected to casual sporadic use. Hence, they are more than adequate for light repair work and the occasional DIY task.

However, for job sites that entail heavy-duty industrial level work, you may be better off with a brand other than Porter-Cable and Ridgid. In this case, you may want to check out the heavy-hitters like Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, Black and Decker, and the like.

Porter-Cable makes some of its power tools here in the US. Some tools come from Germany. But just like Ridgid, the vast majority of its products are sourced from China. This is probably one big reason why Porter-Cable is able to charge attractive rates for its products.

However, the made-in-China tag should not scare you, since Porter-Cable has done a good job maintaining fair enough quality for the casual user and DIYer.

Ridgid vs Porter-Cable – Warranty

Limited lifetime warranties are available on many power tools that Ridgid offers. Ridgid tools that don’t have a limited lifetime warranty often provide a limited 3-year warranty. Hence, this is fair enough for a power tool brand that targets casual users and DIYers.

Porter-Cable meanwhile extends a rather modest 1-year limited warranty on most of its product range. Certain Porter-Cable tools though have a 3-year limited warranty.

It’s easy to see that Ridgid fares better than Porter-Cable in terms of the warranty. The major caveat is that both offer limited warranties at most. Hence, you will have to read the fine print to find out what’s covered and what’s not.

Ridgid vs Porter-Cable – Product Range

Which one has a better product range out of the two?

Since Ridgid is focused on plumbing, if you belong to this sector, then you might want to consider Ridgid.

Overall, Ridgid has a fairly decent product portfolio that includes power tools, electrical tools, hand tools, and dry/wet vacuums.

However, Porter-Cable certainly offers a wide range of power tool products.

Ridgid vs Porter-Cable – Impact Drivers and Drills

Both brands seem to be evenly matched vis-à-vis impact drivers and drills. There is just a minor difference in quality with Porter-Cable taking a thin lead. Both are of admirable quality though. Ridgid is great but Porter-Cable is a bit better. So either one will make a good choice.

Our Final Thoughts

As you can see, Ridgid and Porter-Cable power tools are pretty much comparable. They seek to serve the same market segment – casual users who want good enough quality and who are moreover interested in saving money.

Hence, both Ridgid and Porter-Cable offer decent quality products at reasonable prices that will attract DIYers and hobbyists. If you find yourself in any one of these categories, then you can do well with any one of these two brands. Just remember though that Ridgid offers a better warranty on most products.

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