Best Band Saws

What is a good band saw capable of doing? For one, it’s known to cut through several tricky objects, including wood and metal. However, since there are various forms of cutting, such as carved, straight, customized, and many more, using an outdated tool does more harm than good. This is why getting your hands on the best band saws is the only way to ensure that you’re able to perform a simple job effectively. So, are you ready to turn into a modern-day craftsman? Read on because we’ve compiled a list of band saws to help you make a well-sought purchase.

The 5 Best Band Saws

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the very best band saws available.

1. DEWALT DCS371B Band Saw

Looking for something easy to use on the go? This DEWALT band saw is not only a great tool that provides excellent positioning, but it also runs on lithium-ion batteries and ensures a good balance and premier ergonomics.

Best Band Saws

The fact that you can cut hard, thick metal with it speaks volumes of what the tool is capable of achieving for you. Coming down to its features, this band saw can withstand several drops, which is an advantage for the clumsy. Furthermore, it also has an LED work light to help you focus well while working.

However, as with every other tool, this one too has its downsides. It often turns out to be a nuisance for people to press and hold the trigger while working.

2. RIKON Power Tools 10-326 Band Saw

The RIKON Power band saw comes with spring-loaded and tool-less blade guides that ensure smooth guide setting without the hassle of wrenches. Moreover, it also has a dual volt motor with two different blade speeds, making it one of the most powerful and best band saws out there.

From foam and plastic to composites and non-ferrous metal, this one has ample power for cutting as well as re-sawing.

While adjusting settings on it is a piece of cake, the band saw is relatively heavy and large, making it troublesome for small workshops. However, nothing beats its steady construction with little to no vibration.

3. Milwaukee 6232-21 Band Saw

If your primary goal is lasting protection, get your hands on this portable corded band saw. We can assure you that this one has what it takes to stand the test of time. Not only is it easy to control and use, but it also has a strong design that can withstand absolutely anything.

Once you see how effortlessly it rests in your hands, you’ll be able to judge its effectiveness better than any review out there. What’s more? Well, it also features a button to help you adjust the size of the shoe in an instant.

Again, you may also want to consider the cons before making a leap. It does tend to get louder than most band saws out there and if you’re not the one to settle for it, then keep reading to find a better one, by all means.

4. WEN 94396 Portable Band Saw

No one wants to consider investing in a heavy tool, especially when it comes to fitting it into a tiny workspace. This is where the WEN Portable band saw comes in.

Weighing only about 14.5 pounds, this is yet another portable corded band saw which can easily be handled for long durations without tiring the user out. Furthermore, it also features an adjustable front handle and a metal cutting blade along with a 10-amp motor, making it easier for the tool to cut through plastic, metal, and wood.

If you’re wondering what cutting capacity it has, it’s a striking 5 inches deep and 5 inches wide, making it one of the best contenders in the market.

Based on your preferences, the speed dial can also be adjusted. However, it doesn’t come with a saw blade, which is something you would want to consider before making a purchase.

5. WEN 3975T Benchtop Band Saw

One of the primary features that make this one stand out from the rest is its variable blade speed. Since it can be easily adjusted between 125 and 260 FPM, this may just be the right choice for you, especially if you’re looking for a tool to work with different metal types.

Furthermore, this band saw is far more capable than what it looks like. Don’t be mistaken by its compact size because, despite that, it has been designed to handle various different types of metals. Here’s where it proves itself to be one of the best band saws in the market.

If you own a small workshop, this can easily fit in, but there’s the downside of inaccurate marking by around two degrees. If you’re not a fan of loud screeching sounds while cutting, then this may not be the one for you.

Our Final Thoughts

In the end, despite our best efforts, finding the right band saw for the job isn’t an easy task. You may have to invest your hard work in looking for different models, saw types, makes, etc., before making a purchase.

However, we’re sure that through this small yet detailed guide, you will be able to find your winner eventually. Remember, the best band saws aren’t always the ones that easily fit into your workspace, nor are they the ones that fit your budget best. Sometimes, you will have to take several factors into consideration.

If you do find yourself in a pickle regardless, make sure to take one last look at this article before heading off to the market or finding relevant options online. Thanks to the age of technology, you can order your product from the comfort of your home. All in all, make sure to analyze the pros and cons efficiently before you place your final bet on a band saw.

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