Best Beginner Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws, more promptly known as “Sawzalls,” are an interesting blend of simple design and raw power, playing a critical role in your heavy-duty projects. However, if you’re a DIYer or someone who has just stepped into the world of demolition projects, then you may need more than just a recommendation for the best beginner reciprocating saw. What makes these reciprocating saws a delight to work with are the long handles and rubber grips to help the user hold them in different positions and achieve their desired cuts. Chewing through plastic, metal, and wood, these machines are an absolute must-have to make your tool collection perfectly well-rounded.

6 Best Beginner Reciprocating Saws

1. DCS367P1 Reciprocating Saw



Best Beginner Reciprocating Saw

One of the primary features of this saw that make it the perfect fit for a beginner is its size. It’s a lot more maneuverable and compact than other full-size options on the market. However, it’s packed with far more control and power compared to one-handed models. The only downside you may experience is the 5.0Ah battery which may not last as long as the other models by DeWALT but is still good enough to last for a few hours. Given that you’re just a beginner, you may want to take frequent breaks in between, making the battery strength less of a hassle. Furthermore, you can also cut up to 2900 strokes every minute, thanks to its variable speed trigger. If you haven’t tried your hands on a reciprocating saw yet, you may want to consider getting something lightweight. Again, this model fits the criteria weighing only 9.3 pounds. Spare yourself the horror of injuries and shoulder fatigue, and consider purchasing this one right away.

2. Xtreme 12V Max (DCS312G1)



As an amateur, you will want to make sure not to spend too recklessly, especially on a tool you’ve never used before. Hence, this one-handed option can turn out to be a reasonable choice. Furthermore, given that you may not have a specific job in mind at all times, you will want to invest in something that can be used for many quick-cutting jobs. After all, a good reciprocating saw does more than just play its part in demo-ing or remodeling something. Not only will this model be easy on your pocket, but it can also come in handy for pruning or cutting down huge branches. The cherry on top, it comes with an LED work light, making it just the right contender for working in cramped spaces or underneath sinks. What’s more? The excellent rubber casing on the tool makes it far more durable than similar options out there.

3. 12-Amp JR3051T Reciprocating Saw



Are you someone looking for your first best beginner reciprocating saw? Now may be a great time to consider this midsized contender. Even if you’re planning on jumping into a wide range of projects, don’t worry because this saw will still have you covered with its two blades for both metal and wood. There’s nothing better than owning something at a bargain price. However, as with everything else, it also has its lacking. For one, it doesn’t come with a carrying case, which can turn out to be a hassle if you’re thinking of transporting the tool often.

4. 12-Volt Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw



Bosch is one of the most preferred brands in the market, especially in terms of its DIY-friendly features and compact tools. Thanks to its small-sized battery and the gauge at a handy level, you can easily check how much power and capacity is left even while working. At only 2.7 pounds and a length of 10 inches, this is one of the most comfortable and convenient products. However, the only downside to purchasing it is the power cord of the charger, which brings its durability down significantly.

5. HPT MultiVolt 18-Volt Variable Speed Cordless Reciprocating Saw



While this one accepts both 36 and 18-volt batteries, here’s the tricky part. It may not be a cost-effective option if you don’t have the necessary batteries and a Metabo tool collection beforehand. The variable trigger is another plus point you will want to consider as it remarkably makes the machine easy to control and operate. Then there’s the blade versatility which is another rather crucial feature. Not only does it accept the standard reciprocating saw blades but also the t-shank jigsaw blades. However, one feature that makes it stand out from the crowd is the warranty covering the tool body for life.

6. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit



Have you recently undertaken a limited budget project? Then looking for a saw that won’t break your bank should probably be your first priority. This is where the Black and Decker best beginner reciprocating saw comes in. Mind you. The low price doesn’t signify a compromise on other crucial features. This cordless saw with a 20V lithium-ion battery delivers a reasonable amount of power for any type of cutting. Furthermore, since it’s cordless, you can spare yourself the hassle of dealing with sockets and wires. Whether you choose to store it in one place or carry it around, this reciprocating saw is versatile enough to deal with absolutely any conditions. In terms of maneuverability, this saw again has the upper hand over other products in the market due to its mere 4.5-pound weight.

Our Final Thoughts

In the end, browsing for a tool as versatile as a reciprocating saw can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner. The primary motive of this article was to save you the time and hassle of taking rounds in the market and weigh the pros and cons of each product in the comfort of your home. Hence, we hope to have provided you with a solid foundation to choose the best beginner reciprocating saw from the list.


Image by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash.

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