Best Cordless Angle Grinders

Are you considering getting more serious about your DIY projects? You’ll need to evaluate the handheld power tools you own to determine if you have the necessary equipment and the quality you desire. I have recently been interested in upgrading my tool kit, and this goal led me to research and try out the best cordless angle grinders.

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised by how much the designs have changed over the years. I had not upgraded my tools for some time, and the newer models felt like a breath of fresh air. You likely know how critical an angle grinder is for serious DIY work, so you can understand how exciting the buying process was.

I want to help you make the right decision when looking for the best cordless angle grinders. Therefore I have provided a buying guide and some recommendations below.

Best Cordless Angle Grinders

What Is an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder, also called a disc grinder, is a tool used to polish or grind materials and surfaces. The tool has a disc-shaped blade attached to one side, rotating in a high-speed motion. Based on your requirements, the power and speed allow it to grind through materials or polish surfaces.

Additionally, the traditional angle grinder came with cords; however, the modern models have switched to batteries to increase user convenience.

Features to Consider When Buying an Angle Grinder

Tool manufacturing brands have surpassed all expectations with the recently produced models. Therefore, it can be understandably challenging to buy angle grinders that are the right fit for you. However, there is a way to make the decision quickly.

Following are the features you must focus on to ensure you buy the most suitable and affordable angle grinders.

1. Disc Size

Disc size is one of the essential parts of an angle grinder. It ranges between 4.5″ and 9″, with the higher diameters giving you the ability to cover a greater area. It is unlikely that you always need only small or large disc sizes, so it is much better to buy a flexible option.

Some angle grinders allow you to fit discs of different sizes, so you can always opt for them if you want to avoid getting two tools. Otherwise, getting an angle grinder with a smaller disc size also works since you can use it for both smaller and extensive tasks.

2. Rotation Speed

The disc’s rotation speed depends on the power—the greater the power, the greater the speed and the more significant the impact. Typically, angle grinders with higher power are more suitable for professional scale construction than simple DIY.

However, you don’t need to avoid them if you pursue this hobby more seriously.

3. Motor Power

The motor power of an angle grinder is determined by the voltage, wattage, and amperes required to run it. Higher wattages are known for providing greater motor power and speed to the grinder, but you must consider whether you need those features or not.

While high-powered grinders are perfect for bigger-scale tasks, they can negatively affect the efficacy of smaller-scale operations that require precision.

4. Size and Weight

Angle grinders come in several weights and sizes depending on their design, added features, and power. The higher-powered ones are usually bulkier due to the greater motor weight; however, several manufacturers now use alloys to reduce the impact.

Overall, you must select the size and weight that is most comfortable for you to use. Do not choose something that will become a burden because carelessness can cause serious injuries.

5. Safety Settings

As mentioned above, the angle grinder is a dangerous tool when handled carelessly. It can easily slice through flesh due to its sharp blade and high-speed rotation; therefore, selecting options with safety settings is better.

Angle grinders come with safety guards meant to cover the side facing outward or towards you. The purpose is only to allow the side actively working on an object to remain exposed to reduce risk.

The Best Cordless Angle Grinders

The above guide will help you prioritize your preferences and select the best cordless angle grinders for yourself. However, it is also good to know what is popular in the market to set a suitable benchmark.

1. DeWalt 20V Max DCG413B


DeWalt is one of the best toolmakers in the market, and their DCG413B angle grinder reinforces their expertise. Despite having a power of 20V, the tool weighs as little as 3.75 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to operate even for longer durations.

Its brushless motor also helps conserve energy and prevents the product from heating up and making noise. It also has an impressive speed of 6,800RPM, making it one of the most powerful angle grinders on this list.

2. Bosch GWS18V-45


Bosch is your best choice if you’re looking for affordable angle grinders that provide premium value. The GWS18V-45 is the most affordable despite having one of the most ergonomic designs. It also comes with an LED light, which facilitates the user, allowing them to achieve higher accuracy.

The product also has several safety settings that prevent it from accidentally starting up while you fit batteries. Thus it performs the job well and keeps you safe.

3. MAKITA XAG20Z 18V LXT Angle Grinder


The Makita may not be as lightweight and affordable as Bosch or DeWalt options, but that does not make it less effective. This product maximizes productivity and energy optimization while its brushless motor increases operational efficiency.

It also has automatic speed change technology that allows it to alter speed based on its assessment of work needs. Such features make it one of the smartest angle grinders in the market and a must-have for all serious DIYers.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, The Makita XAG20Z is the product I chose from the best cordless angle grinders, but that’s mainly because the product suited me. When choosing the right tool for you, review the guide and buy the features that optimize your efforts.

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