Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Wooden furniture is perfect for outdoor spaces. The modular pattern of wood and its eye-catching grains and earthy tones make it perfect for any patio or balcony. Wooden furniture adds to the serenity and blurs the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces.

There are two primary types of wood used for furniture making. These are hardwoods and softwoods. Both these varieties have their due advantages and disadvantages. As the names suggest, hardwoods are usually denser and stronger than softwoods.

You need a sturdy and durable variety of wood that can naturally wick moisture for outdoor furniture. You can also use wood varieties for purposes other than outdoor furniture, such as fencing and decking.

Naturally, durable woods can resist natural forces of decay and the elements. Natural forces of decay may include wood-decaying fungus or termites. Great outdoor timbers are also naturally resistant to warping, expanding, and contracting due to humidity or changes in temperature.

Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture

The 5 Best Woods for Outdoor Furniture

Let’s consider options for the best wood for outdoor furniture below.

1. Teak Wood

Teak is a tropical hardwood that is durable and aesthetically beautiful, making it a favorite for outdoor furniture. Teak wood has natural oils that give it incredible weather-resistant properties and can easily repel water and resist insects.

It also does not warp or change due to humidity. Due to its almost perfect nature, teak wood is usually priced quite high. But for outdoor furniture and the woods’ sturdy and sustainable nature, the cost might be appropriate.

2. Cypress

Despite being a softer wood, Cypress wood is usually a favorite for outdoor patio furniture. Cypress wood is also a light wood with a pretty and grainy pattern, making it visually appealing. This wood releases a natural water repellent making it a conventional wet climate wood, and not only is it sturdy but is also highly durable.

3. Cedar

Cedar is a lightweight wood that is naturally rot-resistant. This robust and durable wood does not crack due to moisture retention. Cedarwood also requires minimal maintenance and often ages into a silver hue if left on its own. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a great option for constructing outdoor furniture since it naturally resists corrosion and decay, is durable and stable and is also easy to treat.

4. White Oak

White oak has a robust, hard-wearing nature and excellent outdoor performance. European White Oak is strong, tough, and long-lasting, making it one of the best woods for outdoor furniture. This classic, gorgeous wood has stood the test of time and never gets out of style.

It has a golden-ish brown color that can blend in with any outdoor landscape. Even though this hardwood is excellent for garden furniture, it occasionally requires protective treatments. It’s also best to cover white oak outdoor furniture when not in use. Covering the wood prevents the moisture from seeping in and protects the wood from warping.

5. Douglas Fir

Even though Fir is a softwood, it is surprisingly solid. It is one of the hardest softwoods out there. Fir is also available at reasonable prices due to its widespread availability. So, if you want garden furniture on a budget, this is a great option. If you prefer carving your garden furniture, Fir is a great wood option. This wood can also hold good finishing, whether it’s stain, varnish, or paint.

Our Final Thoughts

Wooden furniture can uplift an outdoor space. Knowledge about the best wood for outdoor furniture goes a long way in deciding what to buy. Also, if you like woodwork, you can always carve your own outdoor furniture items like sitting benches, tables, and chairs.

Wooden furniture for the outdoor area of your house can create perfect aesthetic appeal. It enhances the natural landscape and makes you feel connected to nature.

Choosing the best wood for outdoor furniture comes down to durability and sturdiness. With the right wood and protective sealant, you will get your money’s worth.

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