Best Wood for Exposed Beams

Modern home décor has evolved plenty in the past few years. This has allowed homeowners to explore and experiment with their homes’ design by installing numerous types of objects and furniture pieces. Exposed beams have become a part of modern home décor; hence, many homeowners are getting them.

Exposed beams are wooden borders hanging from your ceiling to make the roof look more attractive. Exposed beams might look beautiful, but they must be made from a suitable material. If they aren’t, they might come crashing down, injuring anyone underneath them.

This can be severely dangerous, so please ensure the wood used to make these beams offer nothing but sturdiness and quality. Let’s explore a few reasons to get exposed beams and see which wood types are perfect for making them.

Why Homeowners Get Exposed Beams

The reason(s) homeowners get exposed beams are numerous. Exposed beams will undoubtedly add some pizzazz to your home as your ceiling will look much more attractive than an ordinary one. So, if you’re not considering getting exposed beams for your roof, go through this list of reasons to know why you should get them. Maybe that will change your mind about exposed beams.

Adds Rustic Charm

Any homeowner’s main priority would be to make their homes look as attractive as possible, and an excellent way to do that is by getting exposed beams. They automatically light up the ceiling as exposed beams are a definite eye-catcher.

Also, since they’re made from wood, they add the rustic appeal some homeowners crave to have. Hence, exposed beams are excellent to have for decorative purposes.

The Perfect Balance

Another reason to get exposed beams is to balance your home (or that specific room). If you have dark wooden furniture and want contrast, getting light-colored exposed beams will be perfect to balance the room. You will then have something light to balance something dark. This can present an apt contrast and add more appeal to the room.

Lowers Ceilings

Some homes’ construction is such that their ceilings are built too high. This can be a problem for some homeowners, so they need a solution to lower their roofs. The perfect way to do that is to get exposed beams. Exposed beams don’t only have decorative but practical purposes too. So, if you have a similar issue with your ceilings, you should consider getting exposed beams.

Best Wood for Exposed Beams

Now that you know why people get exposed beams, you should also know they come in different wood types. Since they’ll be attached to the ceiling, you’ll have to ensure the wood used to build these beams are the best quality.

You can’t afford to have your exposed beams break and come crashing down as they can hurt someone. Hence, here are a few wood types regarded best for exposed beams.

Douglas Fir

The first wood to make it to the list is undoubtedly Douglas fir. This wood type is used commonly to make many wooden items, and for a reason. Douglas fir offers the kind of sturdiness no other wood does. Once you own something made from this piece of wood, you’ll realize how excellent the quality is.

It comes from the hardwood family, which is the main reason behind its strength. It’s reasonable to want them to last as long as possible. So, it would be best to have your exposed beams made from Douglas fir as it offers excellent durability.

Red Cedar

Red cedar is the best wood for building outdoor furniture pieces, especially gazebos and patios. Another reason you should consider getting red cedar is because of its rot resistance. Any wood that promises immunity from insects and termites is worth investing in.

Also, red cedar has a natural and fragrant oil that automatically acts as an insect-repellant. Since this wood has such qualities, it’ll automatically last pretty long, offering plenty of durability, essential in wood types. So, if these features attract you, please consider getting some red cedar.

Rough Sawn Oak

If you want rustic exposed beams, it will be ideal for getting them made from rough sawn oak. This type of oak offers excellent finishing properties along with smooth polish. Rough sawn oak may be more expensive, but its benefits outweigh the cost.

Another reason to invest in rough sawn oak is that it is highly stainable. Regardless of its color, you can always stain it to experiment more with colors to give it a unique look. Also, this type of oak is highly sturdy, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about your exposed beams breaking apart so easily.

Hemlock Spruce

An easily stainable wood can serve you well, especially for exposed beams. So, we suggest you get your beams made from hemlock spruce to explore diverse looks and colors. You should know about this wood type because it’s highly used for timber framing because of its strength.

Spruce comes in light reddish-brown color and has an uneven structure. This might make it a little challenging to work with; however, as long as professional woodworkers are by your side, they’ll have everything under control.

The grains of hemlock spruce are generally straight, though. Overall, it’s a decent piece of wood for exposed beams.


Last on the list is one of the most accessible woods to work with; pine. This piece of wood hails from the softwood family, making it easy to cut and penetrate. Whether you want to drill holes or stain them, pine will be a pretty collaborative piece of wood.

However, just because it’s a softwood doesn’t mean it’s not sturdy. This wood type provides an excellent amount of sturdiness and dexterity. It has a beautiful appearance that will automatically enhance the room you install exposed beams. The best part about buying this wood is that it isn’t expensive and can be easily afforded.

Our Final Thoughts

If you hadn’t considered getting exposed beams, you should now, as you’ll be exposed to numerous benefits. However, please ensure they’re made from one of the woods mentioned above to have the best quality.

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