Best Wood for Exterior Shutters

Ever wondered why people install exterior shutters? Exterior shutters are useful in many ways, with their biggest advantage being protecting your home from theft and securing fixtures from weather damage.

When it comes to choosing wood shutters, using the right kind of wood is essential. Not only will sturdy, robust wood last longer, but it will also eliminate the chances of warping, shrinking, and swelling. So what is the best wood for exterior shutters?

With the large variety of wood, choosing can often be overwhelming. Different varieties of woods have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Wood for Exterior Shutters

Choosing the best wood for exterior shutters will depend on factors such as durability, level of maintenance required, style of wood, and the price range. It’s vital to make a sound decision based on these factors.

Poplar Lumber Boards

These Poplar lumber boards measure 12×2.5×0.75 inches. They have a light cream to yellowish appearance with streaks of green or grey.


  • Suitable for small home projects and renovation
  • Versatile usage
  • Can be painted upon
  • Easy to work with
  • Has a straight, uniform grain


  • Has moderate rot resistance
  • May require Sanding
  • Low density
  • Low natural luster

Cedar Lumber Boards

These Cedar lumber boards measure 6×7.25×0.75 inches. They have a warm, rich color and are finished on three sides.


  • Has versatile usage
  • Great for installation projects
  • Lightweight wood
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Easy to work with
  • Decay resistant
  • Unique Pattern


  • Low in strength
  • Brittle

Premium Douglas Fir Board

These  Douglas Fir boards come in customizable lengths. You can choose between 1ft to 5ft lengths. These are multicolored boards.


  • Affordable
  • Adds value to your home
  • Easy to maintain
  • Holds structural integrity and beauty


  • Low in strength

Wood Options for Outdoor Shutters

Let’s look at some great wood options for outdoor shutters in detail below.

Cedar Wood

Cedar is the preferred category of wood for outdoor usage, and exterior shutters are one. Homeowners love using Cedar due to its stable nature. It can easily resist moisture and hence does not shrink or warp. Cedar also contains natural oils that prevent bug infestations as well as decay.

This variety of wood is also easy to work with is has a cooperative nature. It is easy to saw it and insert screws. It also has great texture due to its rough surface and is not overly expensive.

Cedar is also helpful in insulating homes and protecting them from extreme heat or cold. Due to all these factors, Cedar is loved by homeowners, especially for outdoor applications.


Mahogany is also an excellent option for exterior shutters if you have the budget. Mahogany reacts well to the elements and resists moisture. Hence it avoids shrinking and also decays. Mahogany is also a sturdy and robust lumber choice with a long-lasting nature.

If you want your shutters to have a natural finish or stain, Mahogany is a great pick. It has a reddish hue and a straight grain, making it a stylish option for shutters.


Oak is often considered the best wood for exterior shutters due to its unyielding strength and durability. Exterior shutters made from wood are slightly more challenging to install as oak is quite heavy. The price range of oak is also steeper than other wood varieties. But if you can afford it and want especially robust exterior shutters, oak is a good choice.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is one of the hardest softwoods. It is ranked the number one hardest softwood amongst all North American softwoods. Fir is also easily available and quite affordable. Due to these qualities, it is quite liked by homeowners.

However, Fir is only moderately resistant to the outdoor elements. That’s why it needs to be efficiently constructed to enhance durability. It is also quite vulnerable to insect attacks, so it needs to be treated to avoid this.


Basswood is also a popular option for outdoor shutters. It is readily available in many regions and is also harvested sustainably. Careful forest management has enabled this. Choosing Basswood for forest shutters has many perks.

This wood has an authentic appearance and reflects timeless beauty. It also has an indistinct grain and uniform texture. Basswood is also a lightweight wood that does not compromise on strength. It is quick and has great finishing properties. Basswood is also durable and poses no risk of shrinking or warping.


Poplar wood is also a favorite when it comes to outdoor shutters. This wood is easily available and easy on the pocket. It can also be easily painted and customized, making it suitable for shutters.

Poplar has great weather-resistant properties making it suitable for outdoor applications. If you want brightly painted shutters for a more funky appearance, this is the wood for you.

One downside is that polar wood is that it is slightly on the heavy side and may have apparent mineral streaks that make staining difficult.

Our Final Thoughts

Make sure to contemplate all suitable varieties’ qualities and price ranges before picking the best wood for exterior shutters. The shutters you choose should match your home’s aesthetic and be long-lasting. The wood should also be sturdy and react well to the elements.

Your shutters also need to be practical and high-performance. The right wood shutters offer enhanced security and add a touch of elegance to your home. They also require substantial investment, so making the right choice is imperative.

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