Ridgid vs Craftsman Power Tools

Ridgid vs Craftsman power tools – which brand will be better for you?

You may be looking to build up a portfolio of power tools. In that case, you would definitely consider some of the biggest names in the game.

Ridgid and Craftsman are two popular brands that stand out in the highly competitive power tool market. Of course, it makes sense to stay with one brand. Question is, which one will prove better for you?

Ridgid vs Craftsman – Quality

You will certainly be concerned about where your tools are made. Of course, the manufacturing location is not everything but it is of interest to end-users.

Craftsmen make most of their power tools in Taiwan and China. Of course, it is not at all unusual for almost all leading manufacturers to outsource product manufacture to China. Sadly, the made-in-China phrase has become synonymous with subpar quality.

But it’s not something written in stone for savvy manufacturers that are making decent quality goods in China. While taking advantage of lower overheads, they are able to maintain standards in the Chinese environment.

But do bear in mind that Craftsman manufactures certain models of its pliers, mechanic sets, wrenches, and other tools in the US. However, Craftsman is not too open about the place of manufacture.

Irrespective of manufacturing location, skilled and proficient workers will concur that Craftsman power tools exude high quality. This is key considering that they charge mid-level rates for their products. In other words, you are getting good value for money. So if you are looking to control costs and not pay a premium, you can still get a good deal with Craftsman.

The Craftsman brand works well for light and casual work. The brand scores high on brand image and trust. Customers in the market looking for a reliable power tool brand will likely be impressed to know that Craftsman is the official tool supplier for NASCAR and the DIY Network.

Hence, the brand has proven itself to be adequate for heavy-duty competitive use as well as casual DIY. This speaks volumes about the robust quality of the Craftsman tool range.

Ridgid is another highly acclaimed brand that is renowned for the sturdiness of its products and high quality. Power tool users ranging from amateurs to the pros are full of praise about how well Ridgid performs. Seems like Ridgid maintains a consistently Ridgid level of high quality.

Although Craftsman and Ridgid are not up there with top international brands like DeWalt, Black and Decker, Milwaukee, Bosch, Ryobi and Makita, they are nevertheless very good for casual DIY work as well as a medium level of use.

But they are not too far behind leading brands for heavy-duty use. It’s just that Ridgid and Craftsman are very good while the top brands are slightly better. The main difference though is in terms of the product range. Top brands often offer a far more extensive product range compared to smaller brands like Ridgid and Craftsman.

Ridgid and Craftsman may not be class-leading brands but they are not too far behind either.

Ridgid vs Craftsman – Warranties

Craftsman offers really attractive warranties. You will find full lifetime warranties on automotive tools, hand tools, mechanic tools, and other such items. So if you are in the automotive sector, you are in luck for Craftsman offers pretty decent warranties on its automotive tool products.

Outdoor equipment and power tools are a different story too. For such items, you will find one to three-year limited warranties. These are far from the best. Not great, just fair.

The nice thing about Ridgid though is that the majority of its tools carry either a limited or a full lifetime warranty. So if you want extended protection on your investment, then Ridgid is the way to go with its lifetime warranties including limited ones.

Ridgid power tools carry 3-year limited warranties in general. Taken all around, Ridgid has the edge over Craftsman in terms of warranties.

Ridgid vs Craftsman – Product Range

The product range is an important consideration especially if you are adamant about the specs that you have in mind. The brand with a wide product range will likely meet your criteria.

But before you stack up Ridgid with Craftsman in terms of product range, you have to be clear on what kind of tools you want for these brands to focus on different kinds of tools. In general, Craftsman has a wide selection of power tools while Ridgid has a more extensive portfolio of plumbing, HVAC, and automotive tools.

So Craftsman shines when it comes to powered tools both wired and cordless. Another thing to note about Craftsman is that it offers more lawn maintenance and outdoor power tools than Ridgid.

In terms of normal power tools that everyone needs like impact drivers and drills, you can check out the following links for Craftsman as well as Ridgid.

In terms of quality, it seems that Craftsman has a small lead over Ridgid. So if you don’t want to compromise on quality then it seems that Craftsman is the way to go.

Our Final Thoughts

Ridgid vs Craftsman power tools – which brand of power tools is better suited for power users in 2022? If you are seeking the best in quality, then you will have to go along with Craftsman.

Craftsman power tools have excellent durability and tenacity. The brand has geared its products toward casual users as well as professionals due to which these tools have widespread acceptance and appreciation. You can’t go wrong with Craftsman – the official tool provider for the DIY Network and NASCAR.

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