Best Wood for Interior Doors

There are many different varieties of solid wood to choose from, especially when it comes to doors. Different types of trees give us different woods, each with their unique attributes. To a large extent, the choice of wood for interior doors differs from exterior doors. Exterior doors need to be hardy and resilient. They need to provide security and protection from the elements. Hence they need to be constructed from hardy, durable, and long-lasting wood species. They also need to create a warm and welcoming impression on visitors. On the other hand, interior doors will not be subjected to as much wear and tear compared to exterior doors. The finishing of interior doors matter, as they need to aesthetically match the interior of your house. Interior doors should also be competent enough to insulate you against heat and drown sound.

Let’s consider, in detail, the best wood for interior doors below.


Walnut wood has a dark, rich chocolate brown color and is easy to work with. It can add flair and personality to your home’s interior and easily integrate into a theme. This hardwood is full of character and often has spiraling or circular wood grains. Whether you have designed your home’s interior in a more antique fashion or a modern minimalistic look, wooden walnut doors can easily blend in. This wood is also excellent at insulation and does not warp or shrink as it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Best Wood for Interior Doors

White Oak

White Oak is prized for its distinctive grain and robust quality, a more handsome wood. This incredibly durable wood is perfect for doors as it’s sturdy, heavy, and long-lasting. It’s also great at insulating and soundproofing rooms. If you are styling your home in a modern, minimalistic fashion, White Oak doors are ideal. This is because they add a feeling of coolness to the area. You can also easily stain this wood as it is rather dense and less porous.


Cherry wood is one of the best wood for interior doors due to its attractive coloring. It comes in wonderful tones of creamy pink all the way to a reddish-brown. It also has a close-grained pattern that is visually appealing. Cherry wood doors match well with high-end furniture and high-end furnishings. This wood also has a smooth texture and a great finish. Cherry wood’s color changes over time, and its reddish tint often grows darker making it more pretty. Cherry doors are excellent options for bedrooms, offices, and studies, especially when you want a luxurious, fashionable look for your home.


Even though Cedarwood is more frequently used for exterior doors, it’s also a good option for interiors. Cedarwood is beautiful, low-maintenance, and lightweight. It also has a long life span and resists wear and tear and weather damage quite well. Cedarwood is also naturally aromatic and has strong insect repelling qualities. Cedarwood also has a natural reddish-cinnamon color that fits interior themes well.

White Pine

White Pine is widely used for interior doors. It has a beautiful light brown color and tight grain. If you have a country, rustic-themed interior, White Pine doors work very well. White Pine is also resistant to warping compared to other varieties of Pine. It is also a durable wood, so if your interior gets a lot of footfall and traffic, this is a perfect choice.


Maple is a hard and stable wood with origins in Canada. Although not as popular as Pine, it is still a great choice. Maple wood creates a strong door frame that is both robust and pretty. This wood also has a great finish and a distinctive look, giving your home a unique edge.


Poplar wood has a light brownish color with slight green or yellow hues. This is a popular wood choice, especially if your home’s interior space is less rustic and more modern. Poplar is a smooth wood with minimum knots and a fine grain. This is a sturdy and durable wood that makes an excellent door. It is also great for painting upon.

The 2 Best Wood for Interior Doors

1. Hard Maple Lumber


This package contains two pieces of solid Hard Maple lumber. The pieces measure 3/5x4x12 inches. These pieces can easily be used as cutting boards for woodworking projects, wherever dense wood is required. The planks are also easy to work with and come with a refund or exchange policy. Package dimensions measure 12.1 x 3.9 x 1.1 inches, and the item weighs 1.95 pounds.

2. Redwood Boards


These Redwood boards are available in customized lengths, from 1 to 5 FT. Each board measures 2×4 inches and has versatile usage. Not only is Redwood affordable, but it also uplifts the value of your home. This wood is easy maintenance and retains its structure and beauty. These planks are great for woodworking, such as framing or other home projects. They also come with an exchange and refund policy in case of dissatisfaction. However, the exchange or refund needs to occur within 30 days of purchase.

Our Final Thoughts

Choosing the best wood for interior doors depends on many factors. Firstly, what is the door for? Are they for bedrooms, living rooms or offices? Does that interior get a lot of footfall and traffic from visitors or clients? Secondly, what is the theme of your interior? Is it more modern and minimalistic, or is it more rustic and country-themed? All these factors influence what wood you will choose. The chosen variety of wood needs to have the right color, texture, and feel. It also needs to do a good job at soundproofing the room for privacy and providing insulation against heat.

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