The Best Wood for a TableTop

If you’re about to make a table for the first time, you should know that the type of wood you use is crucial as the table’s longevity depends on it. If you haven’t given it a thought yet, you need to research which wood type is sturdy enough to make your table last longer.

Different woods have different qualities, each made for something specific. The wood you choose to build your table will depend on your budget, style, taste, etc. Some woods are more expensive than others, while some are heavier than others.

The 8 Best Woods for a TableTop

No matter how uniquely different the wood is, it needs to have some benefits that will help you build a strong tabletop. This article will take you through different types of wood to make you more aware of which should you choose to build your tabletop.

Best Wood for Table top

Red Oak

Oaks come in many types, but red oak is best for building a tabletop. Red oak has a gorgeous dark-red, orangish color that becomes darker after polishing it.

If you’re a fan of darker-toned colors, building your tabletop with red oak will be an excellent option to consider. Red oak is known for being pretty versatile and robust. It’s exceptionally durable, making your tabletop last longer than ever. Since red oak has great traits, many people opt for it to make their tabletops.

Brown Maple

Brown maple is another excellent wood that can be used to build a sturdy tabletop. Yes, maple is a bit more expensive than other woods, but you’ll be delighted with it once you purchase it.

Many people use brown maple due to its finishing properties, as it gives a royal look once you’re done building your table. Maple wood is pretty durable and will last pretty long. However, please invest in maple wood only if you have the funds to maintain it, as it needs constant upkeep.


You might have already seen poplar around you everywhere. It’s a pretty standard piece of wood found in restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc. It’s pretty lightweight, although older poplar pieces are heavier than the modern ones. Poplar comes in different-colored heartwoods with refined grains.

Most poplars are in yellow shades, while some come in dark green and blue heartwoods. This wood is a commercial type used in nearly all public places. This wood has medium density, so it glues well with other materials.

White Oak

If you’re not a big fan of red oak, you can always go with white oak. Ironically, white oak is much darker than red oak. We’re not sure if you like this twist, but white oak will suit you pretty well if you genuinely like beige and brown tones.

Also, the benefit of using white oak is that it’s much more stain-resistant than red oak. This will allow your white oak tabletop to retain its initial color. One might say white oak is more forgiving than red oak, so many people opt for it.


If you want to build a sturdy tabletop, you’ll have to use hardwood. However, if you’re not a fan of any of the pieces of wood mentioned above, hickory is your go-to. Many consider this wood the best wood to use for making a tabletop.

You’ll find strong grain patterns on hickory woods, giving them an excellent finish if you look closely. This type of wood comes in different colors; you’ll discover reddish hickory to cream. Since hickory is an efficient piece of wood, it’s used domestically and commercially.


Walnut is a piece of wood you should undoubtedly invest in as it offers excellent finishing touches. If you want your tabletop in dark brown hues, walnut is the perfect wood type to build your tabletop.

Walnut wood is exceptionally durable, so many people consider purchasing it to make their tabletops. Its longevity is something most people look forward to as such tabletops stay intact for years to come. A tabletop made from walnut wood is prone to scratching and denting due to its high resistance.


One of the most used wood pieces in the US is pinewood since it’s easily acquired. You’ll find many beautiful restaurant tabletops made from pinewood for the same reason. Another reason pinewood is so commonly used is that it isn’t endangered, so that it can be cut anytime without issues.

Also, pine is a softwood, making it an ideal wood type to work with, especially for beginners. When you use pinewood to build your tabletop, you’ll find it somewhat fragrant, adding more to the sophistication.

Rustic Cherry

Rustic cherry is another excellent wood type commonly found in the US. It comes from the rustic cherry tree, and it’s known to enhance the appearance of whatever it’s used to make. Rustic cherry wood is easily acquired as you’ll find numerous cherry trees.

Rustic cherrywood has unique patterns with refined grains straightened out. It has white, red, and brown tones, making your tabletop look pretty aesthetic. Rustic cherrywood is pretty solid and last for quite a long time. So, if you want to make a tabletop from inexpensive wood, rustic cherry is the perfect wood.

Our Final Thoughts

You may not realize it, but choosing the correct wood to build your tabletop is more crucial than you think. It’s all right if you’re new to building furniture, but please do not let this be an excuse to get something that you may regret later.

If you don’t choose the proper wood to build your tabletop, you will waste all your energy, effort, and money getting something of no use to you. Hence, please ensure you research in detail and get the correct wood type to build your tabletop. Also, your tabletop is something you’ll be serving food on.

Imagine having guests over and witnessing the tabletop break apart into tiny pieces, spilling all the food and tarnishing your reputation. You don’t want your guests to think you invest in poor-quality furniture. So, it’s better to choose a proper, top-notch quality wood to build your tabletop in the first place.

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