Best Woods for Log Furniture

Log furniture can make your home look very rustic if that’s the vibe you’re going for. If you’re a big fan of the outdoorsy cabin life, you will love numerous log furniture pieces. It undoubtedly looks much different than your typical and everyday furniture, making log furniture more unique in appearance.

However, you must ensure your log furniture is made from the best wood if you don’t want to compromise on quality and sturdiness. The better the wood quality, the more attractive your log furniture will look. So, please understand that this is something you cannot compromise on.

We have a list of benefits of choosing log furniture and the best woods you can make log furniture from.

Log furniture can automatically enhance the look and vibe of your home. Read more to know which wood types are the best.

Benefits of Choosing Log Furniture

You might think, why should you have log furniture when you can have other types of furniture. That’s a fair question as you don’t have to get log furniture. However, if you want your home to look different from most homes, having log furniture is the way to do that. So, to convince you more, we have a few benefits of choosing log furniture that might change your opinion.


Since log furniture is made from the best kinds of wood, you must know that it’ll last longer than you think. This isn’t the case with furniture made from other materials. The biggest problem with furniture is that you have to worry about replacing them, which costs effort and money. However, if you have log furniture at home, forget about replacing it for a long time.


Log furniture provides the kind of versatility that other furniture doesn’t. It looks very different in appearance, giving your home a unique vibe. Also, different log furniture has a different look, so you can experiment with versatility if that’s something you like doing. If you want your home to stand out, log furniture will undoubtedly help you do that.


You’ll be excited to know you can customize your log furniture the way you want. You can stain, color, and cut it differently, giving each furniture piece a unique look. Since log furniture is highly customizable, you will have the chance to make your furniture reflect your style and personality. Most homeowners invest plenty in their homes to convey plenty about their lifestyle.


You should know that working with log furniture is pretty convenient as it’s susceptible to change. You can modify it the way you want, so you won’t have to be stuck with what you already have. This feature allows you to keep altering your log furniture as much as possible. This generally isn’t an option with furniture made from other materials.

Best Woods for Log Furniture

When you explore the wood market, you’ll be exposed to so many options that it might get perplexing. It’s understandable, especially if you have no experience working with wood. However, this list will help you know the best kinds of woods you can work with to make your log furniture. So, let’s explore some of the best woods for log furniture without further ado.


Cedarwood is a popular choice if you want to set up your home with log furniture because of its excellent features. Firstly, it’s a rot-resisting piece of wood, making it immune from wearing out. Another reason to invest in this wood is its ability to adjust to different temperatures.

So, if the temperatures change outside, you don’t have to worry about your cedar furniture decaying or fading away. Many homeowners use cedar wood to make their chest pieces and closets because of the rich rustic feel they provide.


Aspen wood will benefit you like no other wood. If you want your log furniture to be light in color, using aspen will be ideal. This piece of wood has shades of white and blonde, giving your furniture a rustic look all on its own.

It comes with discolorations and streaking, making the wood look more rustic. However, even though it’s light in color, it still provides excellent sturdiness, ensuring your furniture stays intact. Also, aspen wood has excellent finishing qualities, making it more durable than other woods. So, investing in aspen would be a good option.


Pine is, without a doubt, one of the most accessible woods to work with. Seriously, ask all the professionals; they’d honestly vouch for pinewood. This piece of wood comes from the softwood family, making it lightweight and easy to cut or bend.

Many professional woodworkers call pine a dream to work with as it doesn’t give a tough time. Also, pine is super budget-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about saving plenty of money to buy pine. It is sturdy, but it also stains quite nicely, allowing you to experiment with its look.


Unlike pine, hickory belongs to the hardwood family. So, you would automatically know how hard and heavy hickory is. However, that’s a good thing as it provides a great deal of sturdiness. Most carpenters enjoy working with hickory wood due to its flexibility and durability.

Even though hickory is a hardwood, it’s still entirely possible to bend or cur or carve shapes from, helping you have the kind of log furniture you want. This piece of wood provides a rich, rustic look, making it a tad more expensive than other wood types.


This piece of wood is another addition to the list of best woods to use for making log furniture. Alderwood comes from the softwood family, making it relatively easy to work with. This wood type has excellent finishing properties, so you shouldn’t think twice before purchasing it.

Alderwood will serve you pretty well as it’ll help you have the best furniture pieces. Even though it’s a softwood, it’s highly sturdy and durable so that you won’t be disappointed by its quality. Hence, we give Alderwood two thumbs up.

Our Final Thoughts

Log furniture will look rustic yet stunning in your home, so you should undoubtedly consider having it. The woods mentioned above will help you make the best log furniture, so try giving each a shot.

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