DeWalt vs Craftsman Power Tools

DeWalt and Craftsman are power tool companies established just three years apart from each other during the 1920s. Moreover, both companies are currently owned by the same parent company, Stanley Black and Decker.

Such common grounds are enough to warrant a comparison of both these power tool manufacturers, which is why we have come up with our DeWalt vs. Craftsman Power Tool comparison. It will help you better understand which power tool brand is better suited for your needs.

DeWalt vs Craftsman Power Tools

DeWalt and Craftsman are popular power tool brands, and their products are highly trusted by woodworkers, metalworkers, professionals, DIYers, and enthusiasts alike.

DeWalt vs. Craftsman Power Tools

That being said, let’s compare DeWalt and Craftsman in some key power tool categories like build quality, performance, reliability, warranty, and more.

Build Quality

DeWalt has long been a popular “Made in the US” power tool brand. However, their products are also manufactured across the world in places like China, Brazil, and the UK. Craftsman, on the other hand, was primarily manufactured in Taiwan and China.

However, since Stanley Black and Decker took control of Craftsman in 2017, they have started working on a plant in Texas to manufacture Craftsman goods. It is important to note that US manufacturing isn’t necessarily superior to international manufacturing.

Both brands source materials from around the world and maintain a high standard of quality, no matter where their products are being manufactured. You will not be able to flaw either brand’s power tools when you hold them in your hands.

All in all, both DeWalt and Craftsman bring high-quality power tools to the table. However, some may argue that DeWalt’s reputation and higher power output make their power tools superior in quality. We could not fault either brand, which is why we think they both tie in terms of build quality.


As always, design is a subjective matter, but this does not mean we cannot compare DeWalt vs. Craftsman power tools in terms of design. We consistently saw more features across DeWalt power tools, but their higher power output and dense housing make them heavier to handle.

Craftsman power tools, however, are less heavy due to their lower power output and lightweight housing, which makes them easier to handle, compact, and more ergonomic. Depending on your personal design preferences, you may favor features over ease of use, or vice versa, making it a tie in this category as well.


Both DeWalt and Craftsman have been around for nearly a century, during which time they have established a wide and respectable distribution network. You’ll find their power tools in nearly all hardware and tool stores in any village, town, or city in the US.

Internationally, they are both available through various channels and in most major hardware retail stores. However, DeWalt may have a slight edge over Craftsman, but since they are owned by the same parent company, there isn’t a huge difference in availability, especially in the American market.

Both power tool brands tie in this category as well.

Range of Power Tools

DeWalt is best known for making reliable power tools for professionals like metalworkers and woodworkers, whereas Craftsman has built a reputation for their line of automotive tools. Craftsman offers great impact wrenches and ratchets, whereas DeWalt offers great cordless options.

They both have extensive product portfolios, with over a dozen impact drivers and wrenches each, plenty of hammer drills, planers, nailers, grinders, saws, sanders, and more. However, DeWalt has a few more options for nearly every power tool product and a far better range of cordless tools, making them the clear winner of this category.

Reliability and Durability

DeWalt and Craftsman have always prioritized quality, which makes their products reliable and durable. In 2001, Craftsman was rated number one among all American brands for quality, whereas DeWalt power tools are widely popular among commercial contractors for their durability and reliability.

There is little doubt that both these brands produce durable and reliable power tools. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the market standing they do today.

However, it is the general sentiment of the market that DeWalt power tools offer higher durability and reliability than Craftsman, likely due to the fact that they cater to the professional market with high power output options.

DeWalt’s market image reflects this, and it isn’t completely unfounded. They really do make some very durable and reliable power tools, and this is their main selling point. Lifestory Research puts DeWalt at the top of their list of America’s Most Trusted Power Tool Brands, whereas Craftsman ranks second only to DeWalt. It is too close to call, and we believe both brands tie in this category as well.


The performance of both brands’ power tools is good. If you are a woodworker, DIYer, or enthusiast, you will have no performance issues with either brand’s power tools. However, things take a slight turn when it comes to comparing cordless power tool options.

This is where DeWalt clearly outperforms Craftsman. This is not to say that Craftsman’s cordless power tools don’t perform well. It’s just that they don’t perform as well as DeWalt’s. The performance dip is due to the higher power output, RPM, and torque delivered by DeWalt’s larger lithium-ion batteries in cordless systems.

Pricing and Warranty

When it comes to pricing, Craftsman is the clear winner. Nearly all their power tools (corded and cordless) cost less than their DeWalt counterparts, often close to half the price. This is because of the lower power output, lightweight housing, and fewer features in Craftsman power tools.

On the warranty front, both brands offer a 3-year warranty with most of their power tools. However, this is only been true for Craftsman after they were recently acquired by Stanley Black and Decker. Both brands do not cover parts that get damaged or broken due to wear or misuse.

However, DeWalt offers a free, one-year service extended warranty, and they will repair your tools and replace worn parts for free for the first year after purchase. Moreover, they also offer a 7-year warranty for certain power tools, but you will have to check for this before you buy.

Since the general warranty period for both DeWalt and Craftsman is 3-years, but the price difference is significant, Craftsman wins this category.

Our Final Thoughts

It shouldn’t be surprising that DeWalt is the winner of our DeWalt vs. Craftsman power tools comparison. However, Craftsman isn’t too far behind, and we would recommend them to anyone who wants a good quality, reliable, ergonomic power tool at a great price point, especially corded options.

However, if you want more performance-based professional power tools, with a sturdier build, slightly better warranty, and a wider range of cordless options, DeWalt is the clear option for you.

Generally, Craftsman is the better option for DIY and enthusiast projects, whereas DeWalt is the one to go for heavy-duty professional woodworking or metalworking.

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