How Much Does a Circular Saw Cost?

If you work with wood frequently, you’ll find a circular saw quite helpful, so we encourage you to invest in one immediately. A circular saw is a specific type of saw that can help you cut your wood at different angles. Many woodworkers and DIYers keep a circular saw in their tool shed because of its practical use.

So, how much does a circular saw cost? Is it too expensive? Will you have to create a specific budget to purchase one? These are fair questions but don’t worry; we’re here to guide you if you’re considering buying a circular saw. The truth is that circular saws come in different types and styles, each having unique features.

This article will shed some light on an average circular saw’s price and what other types are there.

How Much Does a Circular Saw Cost?

If you’re about to purchase a circular saw for your wood projects, you must know how much it costs. The price varies depending on the style, brand, power, and size. You will find a range of circular saws in the market, starting from $50 to $200.

Not all circular saws are the same; each offers a unique trait that the other might not. This is why there’s a significant difference between the price range. So, when you hit the market to bring home a circular saw, you must explore specific factors to find one at the right price.

Factors Affecting Circular Saws’ Prices

It shouldn’t be a surprise that every electronic item is different. You’ll find tons of variations in the same product line, and circular saws are no different. Numerous brands make different types of circular saws, each to aid in a specific project or task. So, what factors influence a circular saw’s differently-ranged prices? Let’s explore these factors one by one.


Some circular saws are big, while some are not too heavy. More giant circular saws will have more power and voltage, so they’ll also be priced higher. At the same time, small circular saws will automatically not have sufficient energy to use on more upscale projects, so they won’t be too expensive to afford.


The durability of each circular saw varies significantly, which is an essential factor in the pricing of such saws. Circular saws that are quite long-lasting are mostly priced from $120 to $180. If the brand is quite famous, it might even go above $200. So, you’ll have to speak to the salesman to know how durable the specific circular saw is before you purchase it.


This might be the most significant factor to consider. Brands that have been around in the market for quite some time gain a reputation for becoming pioneers.

There will always be a brand priced higher than the other as it invests much more in its circular saws than rival brands. So, if you’re not concerned about the price so much, we suggest you consider brands like DEWALT, Makita, SKILSAW, CRAFTSMAN, etc.

Different Types of Circular Saws

Since you know what influences or affects a circular saw’s prices, you should also know the different styles they come in. Not every circular saw is used for the same task, and each style is designed carefully to aid in specific wood projects.

If you get a clear idea of the numerous styles of circular saws, you’ll have a better understanding of why they’re priced the way they are. Let’s explore each style in detail.

Sidewinder Circular Saws

These saws are probably the first to pop into anyone’s head when they think of a circular saw. Sidewinder circular saws are small and portable, making them easy to use for numerous tasks. Since they’re small, the motor is attached to the left, which helps to turn the shaft directly.

Sidewinder circular saws don’t have many moving parts, making them convenient for woodworkers and first-time DIYers. Even then, such circular saws make excellent use of energy by turning the blade around reasonably quicker.

Worm Drive Circular Saws

The perfect alternative to sidewinder circular saws is worm drive circular saws. Unlike the former, worm drive circular saws have a motor attached behind the gear. You should know this might affect the speed of such saws, but their torque will be excellent.

The torque of any circular matters plenty, as the measure of the force of the blade’s rotation is heavily zoomed in when determining the quality of a circular saw. Professional woodworkers highly regard worm drive circular saws because of the extraordinary power and durability they bring to the table.

Hypoid Circular Saws

Hypoid circular saws are somewhat similar to worm drive saws. Hypoid circular saws, like worm drive saws, also have motors attached behind their blades. However, the main difference is that hypoid circular saws have beveled gears that don’t intersect when the blade turns.

This makes hypoid circular saws quieter than worm drive saws. Even though the power of both saws is the same, some people might prefer working with hypoid ones. This slight difference may make hypoid circular saws a bit pricier than worm drive saws.

Abrasive Circular Saws

This type of circular saw may be more expensive than the rest because of its purpose. Woodworkers primarily use abrasive circular saws to cut materials harder than wood. Since they’re excellent for quickly chopping all kinds of materials, they’re also called chop saws.

An abrasive circular saw will be ideal if you’re currently working on a project that requires extensive equipment to cut your wood. It may be expensive, but it’s worth it, considering the power and durability such saws offer are unmatched.

Miter Saws

Miter saws are any woodworker’s dream as they do the job of cutting wood brilliantly and are also easy to use. However, miter saws are considered one of the most expensive circular saws, mainly because of their extensive use.

Miter saws are attached to a radial arm that swings up and down when cutting wood. Some claim that miter saws are easier to work with than portable circular saws; however, that’s subjective as everybody has a different preference. Overall, miter saws are pretty helpful while working on different wood projects.

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