Best Compact Drills

Choosing the best compact drills is one way to ensure your professional construction or personal DIY project goes well. The only problem is that the decision isn’t as easy as you would want. Construction and related projects are diverse, and it requires you to know about your needs to make the right choice.

I have dabbled into DIY projects quite seriously for some time now, allowing me to explore the world of compact drills. I understand how challenging it can be to find something that suits you best. So, this blog post will give you a buying guide and some recommendations.

Features to Look for When Buying Compact Drills

Buying a compact driver is a challenging decision, especially since there are so many options to choose from. However, you can minimize the noise by focusing on the essentials and seeing how things progress. Following are the top features you need to consider when buying a compact drill:

Best Compact Drills

1. Cord or Cordless

Do you groan and feel frustrated because of all the intersecting wires while managing DIY projects? Technological progress sometimes adds convenience in the most straightforward ways, and my favorite is the introduction of cordless tools and appliances.

The modern versions of several affordable compact drivers and premium ones are cordless. The difference in type does not negatively affect their power or other features, so you can buy one without worrying about losing out. However, you can opt for the cord-inclusive models if you feel more comfortable working with them.

2. Power and Speed

The more powerful the compact drill, the higher its torque and speed. Consider how powerful your drill is, especially if you hope to use it for more serious projects. 18V is considered robust for serious DIYers, so you can choose an option close to this number.

However, remember that the more powerful compact drills are also heavier. Hence, always consider the product as a whole when purchasing.

3. Battery

Ideally, the longer a battery can last without needing a recharge or replacement, the better. Cordless compact drills do not run on wire electricity, so external batteries usually power them for their regular operations.

However, not all drills are the same, and some have a higher battery life than others. The problem doesn’t even lie with the battery every time. Some tools are engineered to consume energy more optimally, thus allowing you to get more out of the same energy source.

4. Drill Size and Weight

As mentioned above, drill size and weight are critical to purchasing. You will likely be handling the machine for elongated periods and working on other elements to finish the work.

Therefore, you need to select options that do not weigh enough for the product to become a burden. Most DIY and construction projects require intense physical labor, so always get a product whose weight won’t become overwhelming even after feeling somewhat tired.

5. Grip and Handling

An essential part of any compact driver is the grip and handling. Manufacturers understand the significance of introducing ergonomic designs and have created several models that make it comfortable to work with their products.

Try out a few options and check which one suits your hand structure the most. You can also check mixed reviews to see how much people liked working with the product you are considering.

6. Warranty

Lastly, it is critical to buy a product with a warranty. The best compact drivers cost over $100 and significantly more if you purchase the kit. The best way to reduce risk is getting warranty protection, so you may contact any problems checked out by the original seller.

The Best Compact Drills – Reviews

You now know which elements to look for when buying the best compact drills. The decision might still be challenging for first-time buyers, so I have included my recommendations to steer you in the right direction.

1. Bosch PS31-2A 12V Max


The Bosch PS31-2A is one of my favorites among compact drills. It has the best grip and handling I have come across, and it is optimally designed to ensure that all controls are within reach. It also has a brushless motor, so you can expect it to give you more power, while the lightweight makes handling easier.

It also has a built-in LED light, which turns on during the construction process, allowing you to achieve accuracy.

2. DeWalt DCD701F2 Xtreme


This model by DeWalt isn’t their most powerful, but it packs a punch with its 12V. The brand is a famous tool maker in the industry and lives up to its name. This compact drill is perfect for several different intensities in work.

Furthermore, storing or working with it is convenient since it can stand independently. Therefore, you don’t need to focus on placing it somewhere safe carefully once you shift to a different step. Lastly, it has a convenient LED system that maximizes visibility.

All in all, it is a beautiful, powerful, and well-made product.

3. Milwaukee 2801-22CT M18


Milwaukee is not among the most affordable compact drills, but it is an option that can’t be kept off the list. Like DeWalt, Milwaukee also has a range of construction-related materials. The experience has allowed them to create an exceptional model with high speed and power, incredible battery life, and excellent ergonomic design.

Its only drawback is its weight. The product weighs 8 pounds, which is somewhat heavy for most people to handle.

4. Kobalt KXDD 1424A-03


Despite offering premium performance, Kobalt is one of the most affordable compact drills on this list. It is a heavy-weight with 24V resistance. It has a dual-energy source, allowing you to shift between fuel and battery power based on your preference.

Lastly, it is exceptionally comfortable because the handle is made to facilitate diverse grip styles. Hence, it is one of the top options on the list.

Our Final Thoughts

I hope you found this blog post informative and enjoyed reading the buying guide for the best compact drills. You must also check out my other blog posts to learn more about similar tools and aspects.

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