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Are you in the market for a pin nailer? Let us break it to you that finding the perfect product isn’t easy, especially when there’s a sea of them to choose from. However, when it comes to choosing between something expensive and not-so-expensive, that is where the competition becomes fierce.

You may wonder, should I settle for the cheaper model or dare to explore the pricey ones? After all, finding the right value for the price is a daunting task. However, here’s the good news. We’ve already done most of the hard work for you.

All you have to do is read through the features, benefits, and downsides associated with each product to filter some of the best pin nailers for your needs.

The 5 Best Pin Nailers

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best pin nailers available.

1. PORTER-CABLE PIN100 Pin Nail Gun

Let us start with the one that the professionals absolutely love. The Porter-Cable Pin 100 is the ultimate pin nailer for the expert in you. It can drive hundreds of nails without breaking down or even jamming. You can adjust it for versatile pin lengths and also make use of the bottom-load magazine for smooth reloading.

Furthermore, the 170 pin magazine increases the time between reloads and allows you to work for a longer period of time. However, as with everything else, this one too has its downsides. The biggest one has to do with the air pressure that sets the pin depth, making it harder for an amateur to work on different projects.

2. Valu-Air H625 Pinning Nailer

Let’s move past the view that the best pin nailers must also be the most expensive ones. This lower-range pin nailer has a great pin capacity and is also relatively easier to deal with in terms of clearing jams.

Now you may be wondering, how is this a good thing? Well, for one, there are greater instances of jamming that you may have to face with this model, even if the pin sizes are small. This is mainly because of the manual pin-size selector, which does tend to fail when it comes to aligning the nailer to the right size. And so, it’s bound to cause problems.

Again, since it’s a low-powered product, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. Hence, if you aren’t particularly concerned about clearing jams, then this should be a good choice by all means.

However, if longevity is what you’re looking for, then keep looking.

3. BOSTITCH HP118K Pin Nailer

Bostitch isn’t a famous brand for nothing. While it is mainly known for supplying power tools, it has also left a firm mark in the industry for being one of the most reliable options. Coming to the Bostitch HP 118K Pin Nailer, it offers exceptional build quality to the user in many ways.

With its 7-year long warranty and a variety of features, you’ll get a reasonable value for money. After all, not every pin nailer is capable of maintaining a good balance between weight and strength. Furthermore, it’s compact and lightweight in size.

With regards to performance, there’s enough support for around 23 gauge pins consisting of lengths from ½ to 1 3/16 inches. However, you must connect it to an air compressor through its air fitting.

4. NuMax SP123 Pneumatic Pin Nailer

Emerging as one of the premium power tool brands, NuMax has spent years in the market and has also garnered a high user rating. However, let’s cut to the chase and establish that you may not be able to find nailers as affordable as this brand has to offer.

Don’t mistake it for being average in terms of features to make up for the low price because it still offers a decent performance by providing support for 23 gauge pins. Yes, you read it right. Not only this, but the pins also have a length range from ½ to 1 inch based on your requirements.

The only downside you may come across with this budget-friendly option is that there’s only a year-long warranty with it. When it comes to the build quality, it is made of durable and lightweight aluminum, making its construction smooth. Arm strain is often something people forget to consider while purchasing a pin nailer.

The good news is that with its comfortable and ergonomic grip handle, you can easily use the product without compromising on your arms. Last but not least, it won’t take up a lot of space inside your garage or tool kit.

5. Makita AF353 23 Pin Nailer

Even though Makita is primarily known for making electric and battery-powered tools, their famous pneumatic pin nailer is up to par with several other products available in the market.

However, this particular product comes with a wide variety of nail length choices and therefore is considered one of the best pin nailers. When it comes to thickness, it’s better for these nails to be 23 gauge. Another awesome feature this nailer carries is a large magazine that can easily hold up to 130 pins at a time, saving you from the hassle of reloading from time to time.

Nothing beats the aluminum body it has, which makes it lightweight and easy to store.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a professional or simply just enthusiastic about DIY projects, pin nailers are a must-have. They usually come in handy when delicate items need to be fixed, but they can also be used to do discreet nail work.

Some of the best pin nailers in this list are also compact in size, which makes them a lot easier to carry around, store and use than others. Even though this detailed guide is meant to help you choose the right product, we highly recommend doing your research beforehand. Look into features such as size, weight, gauge rating, and of course, pin size before making a leap.

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