Best Wood for Front Doors

The front door of a house is its primary face and displays its owner’s aesthetic sense. Proper care should be taken in selecting the right choice of wood for the front door of a house to ensure a long lifespan and less wear and tear.

Sometimes people use plastics and polymers instead of wood, but this can’t give the same impression compared to real wood. After all, a solid wooden door can make the exterior and interior of your home look elegant and impressive.

Selecting the best wood for your front door is very important. Your front door should have two vital qualities: durability and high quality. There is a large variety of wood you can choose from, including hardwoods and softwoods.

The better-quality wood you use, the sturdier your front door will be. Certain hardwoods are long-lasting with impressive qualities such as moisture and decay resistance.

Best Wood for Front Door

However, essentially, the wood you choose for your front door will impact your entire house’s look and will depend on your budget, where you live, and the look you want. Some great wood options for your front door are cedar, walnut, oak, mahogany, and Knotty Alder.

The Best Wood for a Front Door

Let’s consider the best wood for front door in more detail below.


This is a very reliable choice of wood for exterior doors because it gives a sophisticated look to the house. This beautiful wood comes in shades from pale pink to reddish-brown Mahogany originated from Western Africa and has now become one of the most popular woods for exterior doors.

It has straight, fine grains, which sometimes are also downsides. This can be tricky to work with because the wood is quite hard. The wood darkens color with time and gives a richer look. This choice of wood is preferable for the front doors because it is quite durable and strong and is resistant to both insects and wood rot.

This wood can also be painted, but it looks best in its original form.


Cedar is grown mostly in Central and South America and has an attractive texture. It comes in beautiful colors ranging from brown to light pink. Many households use Spanish cedar because of its shallow interlocking grain and elegant look.

It has a very workable wood, and it also weathers well. Some Spanish cedar varieties can also be painted upon. The western red cedar is a reddish-brown wood with a straight grain and a coarse texture.


Oak is a highly preferred choice of wood because of its stability and insect-resistant quality. It was used to build ships in the past because it was waterproof. Two of its variants are quite popular: white oak and red oak.

Red oak has open capillaries and can absorb the moisture until its properly cured. Whereas the white oak repels water because its cells are tightly packed. One major disadvantage is that the oak does not absorb preservatives and can rot over time.

White oak that grows in Eastern America and Canada and is quite durable has a straight grain and is light brown. It looks very much like red oak, but one of the differences is that it is longer and darker than red oak. White oak also has a smoother grain and is quite soft compared to red oak.


Walnut wood is very durable because it resists rot and decay. It is a rich dark or black with a little hint of purple. It is a dense and strong wood and is very popular in use for exterior doors.

However, it has to be maintained because it can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period. You can maintain your door by using varnish or paint to help resist fading.

Knotty Alder

This wood has a rustic look and is quite versatile with long grains and a uniform texture. There are small areas of clusters and knots quite visible on the wood, which gives it a true wooden look.

This wood ranges in color from pale to pinkish-brown to darker shades of reddish-brown. When exposed to sunlight for a long time, its color can change to yellow and dark.

This is softer hardwood and, therefore, less resistant to humid or harsh weather. However, you can maintain the door by giving it a regular finish. This will enable it to resist any marks of rough weather.

This oak lumber board measures 24×7.25×0.75 inches and is finished on all sides. This oakwood board has versatile usage. You can use it for home improvement projects, furniture building, and flooring projects. It is light to medium brown with a reddish appearance.

This package contains 2 walnut lumber boards that measure 3/4x6x12 inches. These boards are beautifully grained and perfectly kiln dried. They are both sanded to a ¾ inch thickness. They also come with a return, replace or refund policy (within 30 days) if the buyer is unsatisfied with the final delivered product.

Our Final Thoughts

The above article tells us some options for the best wood for the front door. A home’s front door largely influences the residential structure’s aesthetic. A stately and regal front door forms the impression of a stylish home.

Choosing high-quality wood to craft a fashionable front door can add appeal and style to your home. It can also add to your home’s overall value. By choosing the right variety of wood, you can get a great front door for your home.

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