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Woodworking is an ancient practice that is loved by many. If you start as a woodworker, there is much to take in. Before you embark on your woodworking project, you should know the different types of wood and their uses.

It is common knowledge that wood is divided into two main categories: hardwoods and softwoods. However, did you know that there are many subtypes of wood within these two broad categories? You can choose from all these varieties before you start your woodworking task.

Also, did you know that plywood and MDF may also be great options to work with? Its imperative to be informed of the different types of lumber its uses before making any buying decisions. Once you have bought the right variety of wood, you can easily start on your woodworking project, expecting to see great results.

The 7 Best Woods for Woodworking

Let’s have a look at the best wood for woodworking out there.


Maple is a beautiful hardwood that is popular for furniture making. This is because it has an attractive grain and is quite stable. There are two varieties of Maple wood, hard Maple and Soft Maple.

If you are a beginner in the craft of woodworking, soft Maple is a better option. Hard Maple is often more difficult to work with and should be handled by experienced woodworkers. Working with Maple is a great idea if you are crafting furniture as it’s affordable and sturdy.


Cherry wood falls in the Hardwood category; however, it is softer than most hardwoods. It has a beautiful reddish warm tone that can complement your home’s interior well. This wood also finishes and stains quite well.

Cherry wood is often used for woodwork projects such as architectural woodwork. It is also often used to craft furniture and cabinets. As this wood is quite popular, it is also expensive to obtain.


Red Cedar is one of the most common species of Cedar. This wood has a warm reddish tone and a pleasant aroma. This softwood is easy to work with and carve.

Cedarwood is also naturally resistant to the elements and moisture, ideal for outdoor furniture. Cedarwood is also known to ward off moths and insects.


Redwood is also a resilient and durable wood with many great features. It is naturally resistant to moisture, rot, and insects. If left unfinished, it also has a pretty brownish-red color tone. Redwood is a softer wood and easy to work with.

This wood variety is ideal for outdoor furniture due to its durable and sturdy nature. It also paints and stains rather well. However, as it already has such a beautiful hue, many woodworkers prefer to keep its original color.


Pine is a resilient softwood that is wonderful to work with. It has a natural pale yellow hue that can fit any interior. Pine is much easier to drill and carve compared to other wood options. If you want the wood to be a darker tone, you can also easily stain pine wood.


Walnut is one of the expensive hardwoods that makes it an exclusive choice. This wood has a deep brown coloring and a fine grain that adds to its regal appeal.

Even though Walnut wood is a rather high hardness level, it is much easier to work with. This wood is popular for making furniture and musical instruments such as guitars and violins.


Oak is a popular hardwood that comes in two primary varieties. These are White Oak and Red Oak. Red Oak is usually softer than white oak. However, White Oak is commonly used for furniture building as it’s more attractive. Both varieties of wood are naturally rot-resistant and have long life spans. They can last generations and create heirloom objects.

Buying Wood for Woodworking Projects

1. Maple Lumber Board

This Maple lumber board is 12×1.5×0.75 inches in size and is finished on all four sides. It can be used for several different activities. You can utilize it for crafting projects or home improvement projects at home.

It can also be sued for flooring or creating workbenches. This board is easy to work with and finishes rather well. It has an off-white to almost cream-ish color and a fine, even texture.

2. Cherry Lumber Squares

This pack contains four pieces of Cherry Lumber Squares that measure 2x2x8 inches. These squares are kiln-dried and beautifully grained. They can also be returned, exchanged, or refunded within 30 days if you are unsatisfied with the product. The package itself weighs 2,85 pounds and measures 8.4×4.7×4.4 inches.

3. Box of Walnut Boards

This box contains ¾ inch thick Walnut boards. The box itself measures 12×12 inches and is between 5 to 6 inches in height. Each board present in the box is 12 inches long and 4 inches wide. This box also comes with a refund and exchange policy within 30 days. Manufactured by Woodchucks wood, the item itself weighs 17.62 pounds. The package dimensions are 13.03×12.99×6.57 inches.

Our Final Thoughts

Woodworking is a great craft and a rather wonderful hobby! Creating objects with your own hands is both rewarding and fulfilling. However, to excel at woodworking, you need to have sufficient knowledge of the different varieties of wood out there.

Choosing one of the best wood for woodworking will enable you to easily achieve the goal you set out for yourself. If you are a beginner woodworker, it’s always best to stick to less expensive varieties of wood. Also, choose woods that are easy to work with so your tools don’t get worn out soon.

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