Best Wood Glue for Quarter Round

A quarter round is a type of molding that forms a semi-circle on the floor. It covers the gap between the ground and the wall, but it’ll need a super-strong adhesive or glue to hold it together. Is it possible to glue wood to the wall? It undoubtedly is, but you’ll have to use suitable glue.

You’ll find many different types of glues in the market, and you might have to try out a few to see which one works best. Also, before gluing a quarter round to the molding, you must ensure the molding is flat and dry so that the glue can do its trick. You will have to rough up the molding for the adhesive to stick.

If it’s your first time doing something like this, you’ll find this list of the best glue for quarter round quite helpful.

Construction Adhesive

If you want your quarter round to glue to the molding reasonably well, you must use this construction adhesive. This glue is commonly used for sticking quarter rounds to the surface as it holds pretty well together. The best part is that you’ll find this adhesive at any nearby store, preventing you from going store to store in search of it.

If you work with wood, tools, and glue frequently, you might already have it in your garage. This construction adhesive is easy to afford, so you won’t have to repurchase it for months if you buy it once. This adhesive has one of the best grips; hence, it’s bought by many.


If you want water-based glue, look no more, as PVA will serve you well. Polyvinyl acetate, or PVA, is a budget-friendly adhesive that dries reasonably quicker, considering it’s made from water. Some people are hesitant to use water-based glue because of the time it’ll take to dry and the odor it might have.

However, neither is the case with this PVA wood glue, as it has no smell. Also, you won’t have to wear any protective gear while applying this glue so that it can be safe in the house. Another feature of this glue is that it can be easily cleaned with water if there’s an issue.

Gorilla Glue

Similar to PVA, gorilla glue is also water-based. However, apart from water, this glue also has foaming properties. The foam helps plenty as it helps to fill extensive gaps between the quarter round and the molding. Since this is an endearing quality of this glue, many people invest in it as it helps them glue to their quarter round with much efficiency as possible.

Gorilla glue has become a popular glue for sticking wood to different moldings because of the foaming properties it includes. However, you must know that the foam might require some extra work, so you should be prepared. Overall, gorilla glue is undoubtedly one of the best adhesives for quarter rounds.

Glue Gun

This isn’t precisely glue, but a device that shoots hot glue. It’s as practical as glue itself as it allows you to stick your quarter round to your molding successfully. The most convenient part about owning a glue gun is that it can be used on almost any material, from wood to plastic to glass.

However, using it on wood will be suitable, so you should consider investing in a glue gun if you want to use it on your quarter rounds. The glut emitted from the glue gun will only take a minute to dry, and you won’t have to clean up anything after. However, please beware while using the gun as the glue can be severely hot.

Mitre Adhesive Kit

This adhesive kit is considered one of the best kits to stick different pieces of wood to moldings. This kit contains two unique products that allow your wood to adhere firmly to the molding. The glue included in this kit offers quite a strong bond, which is significant for its popularity.

As mentioned earlier, this kit comes with two products: super glue and an activator. First, you’ll need to apply the glue to the molding. After that, you will have to use the applicator to help set the bond. The applicator acts as a catalyst to dry and hold the glue. You won’t have to apply a significant amount; a small amount of the applicator will suffice.

Cyanoacrylate Glue (Super Glue)

This super glue works well with wood and other such materials. If you want to apply this super glue to your quarter round, you’ll have to hold it in position so that it can dry in time. If you move your fingers, it might not do the trick.

Hence, it’s recommended to wear protective gear while using this super glue, especially if you want to avoid sticking your fingers to each other. Even with this super glue, you won’t have to apply large amounts to the molding to do the trick. We suggest being careful while using this glue, as an excessive application may not end well for your wood.

Epoxy Glue

This kind of glue is super affordable to purchase, which is why many people turn to epoxy glue for wood adhesion. It provides a strong bond and holds well, making it a practical purchase. The best part about epoxy glue is getting it at different cure times.

Cure time refers to the time needed for something to cure. In the case of glue, the time required for it to hold together without falling apart is its cure time. So, the longer the cure time for epoxy glue, the better for your wood and molding. Ideally, a five-minute cure time is perfect for this kind of glue to hold your quarter round to your molding successfully.

Our Final Thoughts

You’ll find many different types of glue in the market. However, you’ll have to choose the best one if you want your wood to stick to the molding without falling apart. Please consider each of the adhesives mentioned above to see how well they work for you.

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