How Much Does a Scroll Saw Cost?

If you’re one of those who love working with wood and power tools, a scroll saw is all you need to complete your collection of the best tools. A scroll saw is a motored benchtop saw that doesn’t require users to use their hands while operating it. Such saws are pretty convenient to have around.

Scroll saws are mainly used for high-scale projects that require plenty of work. You’ll find numerous types of scroll saws in the market, and each will be priced differently. The one you should purchase will depend on your budget, requirement, and task. So, how much does a scroll saw precisely cost?

Let’s find out.

How Much Does a Scroll Saw Cost?

When you set out to buy the perfect scroll saw, you’ll see many saws at different prices. A scroll saw’s starting price is $110, ranging to $500. Some scroll saws cost up to $1000, but they’re chiefly used in significant projects.

Scroll saws are different types of saws, as they come with different traits and features. You don’ have to buy the most extensive scroll saw and can do fine with one covering all the essential elements. Hence, you’ll have to browse the market to find the right kind of scroll saw that will serve you well.

Which Scroll Saw Should You Buy?

Most power saws you’ll find have rotating blades, restricting their purpose. However, that isn’t the case with scroll saws, as they have straight blades, making them perfect for cutting intricate lumber pieces, carving wooden figurines and puzzles, and sloped edges.

Hence, scroll saws have a more practical use, offering to help with various tasks. Let’s explore the different types of scroll saws.

DEWALT Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This Variable Speed scroll saw by DEWALT (priced at $475) is your go-to saw for all your woodworking needs. Using this saw will be quite beneficial as it won’t make any noise while you operate it. Its quietness is this scroll saw’s winning factor.

This scroll saw by DEWALT is highly versatile, as you can use it for any project – high or low scale. Also, some saws are not easy to operate, but that isn’t the case with this one.

Working with this scroll saw will be a smooth experience, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. In addition, this saw has a throat depth of 20 inches, cutting up to two inches deep, making it a winner.

Ryobi Variable Speed Scroll Saw

If you don’t have a very flexible budget to set aside, buying this scroll saw will be ideal. This scroll saw by Ryobi, albeit priced much lower than DEWALT, offers any woodworker will love excellent qualities.

Just below $200, you can get your hands on a versatile scroll saw that will make your life easier by helping you make intricate cuts on your wood. You might have to adjust to some of its vibrations, but that’s all right, considering the return benefits. This scroll saw by Ryobi supports both pinless and pinned blades, depending on your preference.

Dremel Moto-Saw Variable-Speed Compact Scroll Saw

This scroll saw works perfectly for those who want a basic scroll saw that doesn’t cost too much. This compact scroll saw by Dremel, priced at $112, will cover all your essential woodworking needs. This scroll saw is quite popular amongst beginners and DIYers because of its low price and decent features.

It’s easy to operate, preventing the need to go through an extensive manual to figure out the blades. The best part about Dremel’s scroll saw is the speed settings; you can adjust them to control the saw’s motion the way you want. Also, this scroll saw is surprisingly quiet – a feature not typically found in basic scroll saws.

Delta Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Another excellent scroll saw we suggest you look into is this variable-speed scroll saw by Delta. It offers all the power you would need to work on high-scale projects, from intricate to angled cuts. This scroll saw has a 20-inch throat depth, making it super convenient to make deeper cuts into the wood.

No matter the shape and size of the wood, this scroll saw will aid you ideally. A convenient feature of this scroll saw is that you can lift its upper arm when changing or adjusting the blade. This type of feature isn’t found on many scroll saws. Hence, it would be best if you undoubtedly considered getting this scroll saw.

Porter-Cable Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Wouldn’t it be something if you had a stand to hold your scroll saw? This scroll saw provides you with precisely that. Working with it is pretty easy as there’s no excessive mumbo jumbo to understand how to operate it. It has a decent throat depth of about 18 inches, making deep cuts into the wood.

Many woodworkers use it to create beveled edges as it has a speed ranging from 500 to 1500 rpm. Since this scroll saw sits on a sturdy stand, your workbench will be spared from occupying excessive space. Priced at $300, you get a decent scroll saw and a sturdy stand to hold it – a pretty good package, don’t you think?

WEN Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Woodworkers who enjoy making patterns on wood would greatly appreciate this scroll saw. Since it has variable speeds, this scroll saw is pretty easy to control, especially when making patterns on the wood. So, why should you pick this scroll saw by WEN?

Well, partly because it offers both options of working with pinned or pinless blades. Working with a particular scroll saw is relatively more effortless when you have options with the edges.

Also, you have another option to adjust the blades’ positioning, whether at a 90-degree angle or in a standard position. Overall, this scroll is a wise investment, especially if you’re a woodworking enthusiast.

Our Final Thoughts

Different scroll saws have different prices, depending on their size, power, durability, and brand. So, it would help if you know your requirement, made a budget, and invested in a scroll saw that would be the most useful to you. We hope you now have a much better understanding of why a scroll saw is priced the way it is.

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